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  1. Weekend summary: odd token, more Japanese toys, and an unusual plate

    Cool stuff! That lightbulb looks like a 1920's vacuum tube. I'd guess a UX201A triode or some variant, for a very old radio.
  2. Big silver almost went in the trash

    Now THAT is an amazing story and a beautiful coin! The pics tell the tale. Great save!
  3. For those interested in documenting your finds, here’s how I do it

    Cool!... (sigh) I DO envy the quantity and QUALITY of the great finds you've had. I suspect soon it'll look more like this! :laughing7: I have a 4 x 4 inch box my daughter made out of popsicle sticks! :unhappysmiley:
  4. Kayaker

    Hi there... I'm nearby, in New Fairfield. Sure, I'd love to get together some time. This...

    Hi there... I'm nearby, in New Fairfield. Sure, I'd love to get together some time. This coming weekend is kind of busy for me (stuff with the kids - I have a 14 year old son and a 12 year old daughter) but the following weekend might be good. Sundays are usually free for me. I'm still...
  5. ✅ SOLVED Rev. War Badge?

    That looks really interesting! Maybe you could try the forum here? -
  6. My First Time ever going out

    I'd definitely like to do that when the weather gets a little warmer. Although I've been detecting for 2 years, I still consider myself a "newbie", as well. Danbury has a lot of history, but it seems a lot of it has been paved over, bulldozed... "developed". Is Manchester the same? Here's a...
  7. My First Time ever going out

    Congrats! :icon_thumleft: Not a bad start, at all. Where in CT are you? I'm near Danbury.
  8. I saved my pulltabs... (until I struck GOLD!)

    Re: I said I was going save my pulltabs... (until I struck GOLD!) Nice ring!... Here's Pedrod's thread, too -,408282.0.html You definitely need to dig a lot of trash to get the goodies. Well, so I'm told. I'm still digging the trash! :tongue3...
  9. AT Pro headphone adapter malfunction????

    Hi Ed, Whatever the reason, the volume control works. And for others, as well. It's certainly worth a shot. I'll give you my thoughts on it... for whatever they're worth (maybe nothing! ha!)... From what I've read, some detectors do not use a mechanical switch but sense the impedance of the...
  10. AT Pro headphone adapter malfunction????

    Hi Chuck, Hope you're still following this thread. I found the answer on another forum. There is a simple solution you can try without cobbling together something like I thought. As suggested, I bought this Volume Control/Headphone Extension from Radio Shack for $9.99 and put it between the AT...
  11. wireless headphones

    Have either of you used yours with an AT Pro? I'm having a bit of a problem with mine. The AT Pro internal speaker isn't shutting off when I plug in the transmitter. The headphones sound great, but I really can't use them if the speaker is going to stay on at the same. I've got a feeling it's an...
  12. AT Pro headphone adapter malfunction????

    Chuck, I humbly stand corrected! Although my WIRED headphones all work fine, the Auvio wireless transmitter/headphone does the same thing your headphones do. At first I though it might be some mechanical/switch issue, like maybe the plug wasn't hitting the bottom of the jack, but that doesn't...
  13. School dumpster gives up 12 Expensive Globes! Random Find..

    Here, they're still taught geography. My kids started learning states and capitals in 5th grade. My boy is now in 7th and they're learning countries/capitals, worldwide. Now, they certainly may not REMEMBER what they're taught (yeah, I've seen the surveys)... or CARE about geography, but that's...
  14. wireless headphones

    I like the concept of the Auvio headsets but have a "sweaty ear syndrome" issue with both models. The big, circumaural (around-the-ear) model is just too hot and uncomfortable in the summer. The earbud model is even more of an issue for me. I can't handle earbuds for long because they pop out of...
  15. AT Pro headphone adapter malfunction????

    I got the Garrett adapter and have used it with iPod earphones, iPhone earphones with/mic, cheap headphones I got with my Bounty Hunter IV (for "free" from Kellyco... ha), and with a wireless Auvio setup I'm working on now. All of them work fine for me.
  16. Leaker......update......going back a 3rd time!!!!!!!!!

    Re: Leaker......update. Good to hear it's working great. Any idea what they fixed? It'd be interesting to know if they've modified anything from the original parts... like different seals or whatever.
  17. # 82 today ! Lord of the Rings , ring

    An obvious counterfeit, since the real ring would show no scratching or imperfections of any kind.... and the runes would only be visible under intense heat. ... ugh, I'm such a geek! :tard: :help: Very nice finds! ... and 8 bucks of clad, too! :icon_thumright:
  18. Garrett AT Pro headphone adapter now available

    Thanks, Keppy. I set up a Saved Search on eBay, so I should get an e-mail if/when somebody has them up for sale again.
  19. Garrett AT Pro headphone adapter now available

    :icon_scratch: None there now. I must have missed them. Oh, well, I'm sure there will be more. A Garrett rep said they'd e-mail me, too. :-\
  20. How To Help Prevent Water Leakage Into The Coil, Connectors And Electronics

    John, this is EXCELLENT advice! :icon_thumright: I'm aware of the hot/cold air volume effect and have demonstrated it to my kids while washing out plastic water and soda bottles... but I never thought of how it would impact a "waterproof" detector or coil. On my AT Pro, I bet that submersing...