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  1. 💵 FOR SALE Freeloader Custom Pouches

    hold for more pics, later
  2. 💵 FOR SALE Freeloader Custom Pouches

    Hello, I’m back to making pouches, once again. I am offering 2 different style pouches in regular or jumbo sizes to accommodate your treasure hunting experience. All pouches offer plenty of room and multiple features. Whether you're on a short run thru the local park to find some clad or on...
  3. ❎ SOLD Tesoro Mojave detector

    WTS tesoro mojave, great shape works like it should. I never use it, time to get it out of the corner of the closet and out in the field. $150 Shipped paypal friends and family, USPS MO or $155 regular paypal.
  4. 💵 FOR SALE Detector pro rattler headphones

    WTS My rattler headphones, original owner excellent condition, well taken care of 1/4" plug Don't need these anymore my loss is your gain. $60 shipped paypal friends and family, usps MO or $63 regular paypal
  5. ❎ SOLD NIB Minelab 800

    SOLD WTS Brand New IN BOX Minelab 800 I bought this in July as a back up for a big beach detecting trip I was going on. Never used it or even took it out of the box except to take these pictures. it has sat in my closet since I got back from the trip. I have a baby on the way and since I...
  6. ❎ SOLD WTS Whites Eclipse coils coils, Equinox carbon fiber shaft

    For sale, Whites eclipse shooter 4x6 coil with cover. Original owner, less than 6 months old always used with a coil cover. Excellent shape, like new $75 Shipped Paypal Freinds and family or add 4% for regular paypal Whites Eclipse 9.5" Coil with cover. Original owner Less than a year old...
  7. Equinox 800 Gold

    Found this Wednesday, Thought it was junk, just tossed it in my pouch and kept detecting. When I got back to the hotel, I looked it over still thought it was junk, it has a real thin band and some arabic stamping in it. On my drive home, the more time I had to think about how deep it was, the...
  8. ❎ SOLD Equinox 600

    For sale, Equinox 600, bought this thinking I would be waiting for months for an 800. 800 came in the other day so I'm selling to recoup some of the cost. I used this for 4-6 hours at the local park volleyball court and playground still showing full on first initial charge. Has a couple...
  9. DIY Pouch

    I've been experimenting with HDPE and PET plastics. a drop in liner is what i was thinking.
  10. MD Gear Pack made by someone on these forums

    My wife loves hers.
  11. DIY Pouch

    PM me for info
  12. ❎ SOLD WTS Whites Eclipse 5.3 (6×6) Search Coil

    WTS Like new Whites eclipse 5.3 coil. Original owner, used twice, in excellent like new condition. Fits White's MXT, DFX, V3 and M6 detectors $100 shipped Paypal friends and family or USPS Money Order. Will accept regular paypal, add $4 to cover fees. Please PM me for details Thanks for looking
  13. Custom pouch by freeloader!

    Nice, you're dutch masters are going to ride in style now... lol
  14. ❎ SOLD Whites Gen 2 MX Sport

    WTS Whites Gen 2 MX Sport. I bought a buddies V3I so the Sport has to go. Excellent shape practically new, original owner, two months old and used a total of 1.5-2 hours at local park. never used in water. Screen still has factory protective plastic and factory batteries. Comes with coil...
  15. ❎ SOLD Tesoro Lobo Super Traq

    want to sell well used Lobo super traq. older unit in great running shape. has normal wear from use good shae for an older unit. will let go for $200 shipped to your door. USPS MO or Paypal Gift for payment. will ship usps Priority. please IM if interested
  16. DIY Pouch

    Laura, Sorry, I responded to your pm before reading your post. The quoted post below has the answers you're looking for.
  17. DIY Pouch

    Danny, That would be ranger green
  18. DIY Pouch

    Got around to taking some pics and put pouches up for sale here.
  19. DIY Pouch

    Had a request for a beach pouch, I call it the "Beach Comber"