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  1. 1/6 ore coins 1666-1668

    Visited a museum in Delaware with a display of these coins on display.
  2. Is currency identification (pic heavy)

    Title was supposed to say US currency identification:(auto correct) Here’s a guide for people who need help identifying:
  3. Searched a sidewalk strip near an old church

    Found this beauty of a barber in a sidewalk strip near the church.
  4. Found on permission

    At the base of an old oak wrapped in plastic, and inside a mason jar. this came out of the hole. It rang up at 20 kHz around 61-72 with jumpy numbers on the Anfibio multi It was approximately 7 inches down. I did absolutely nothing to the knife how it looks is how it came out of the hole. When...
  5. Nel coil for Anfibio?

    Has anyone tried a nel attack or a nel tornado on the Anfibio? If so can you please tell me how it performed.
  6. Anfibio Vdi scale

    I threw to gather a quick VDI scale using coins I had, it was done as an air test at 5 inches with stock coil at frequency set to 14. This is not intended to be 100 percent accurate. Just a guide for me I keep on my phone sorry about the quality, I made it in my iPhone with notes.
  7. First outing with Anfibio Multi

    Took the Anfibio out for the first time, wife used a simplex +, both machines on saltwater beach. First impressions of the Anfibio are good, I read a lot and did research on how people were complaining on the beach with it falsing. I can tell you from my experience the machine has to be adjusted...
  8. Metal detector game for iOS

    Pretty cool for downtime, just some Russian language. (Delered by mod, No Spam Links)
  9. New from Pa

    Hello from Pa, I have been an active reader on the forums and an avid treasure hunter since I was 12 years old. Now just turning 40, after a long break, a move from NJ. I’m getting interested in the hobby once again. My wife is supportive and also interested in the hobby. Having used and sold...