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  1. ✅ SOLVED Does this font look familiar?

    It looks like a couple of scrap lead pieces were mushed together and then as a whole it was smashed over something that had raised lettering. Does the font / letters look familiar to anyone? " owne" I suspect this is only part of the whole name. Its about the size of a U.S...
  2. ✅ SOLVED GLOBE made in usa 10

    I am stumped on this one. Item says "GLOBE : MADE IN USA : 10 " It has an iron tip coming out of the bottom point. It must be dense and solid cause it has a fair amount of weight for its size. I suspect the very small hole on the top held some kind of pin or the pin held this object in place...
  3. Naval rivet?

    Found at a house site. This is a rivet that usually turns up at house sites. Obviously there is an anchor on it. Anybody know what this might have come off of? or what it was used for?
  4. some kind of lid

    Found this at an old house site. Looks like some kind of lid. It appears to have letters and a design on it but I can't make out what they are.
  5. Some kind of brass plate

    It is thin sheet brass that was silver plated at one point. It measures 74mm long by 45mm tall. I am not sure what is stamped onto it. One side obviously has solder still on it and then it has the small holes in it. The bigger hole is most likely damage. Found it at an old house.
  6. brass pulley

    This item came from an old house site. It is brass and the wheel and 2 pulleys on either side spins freely. The end opposite of the wheel is rusted iron.
  7. cleaning civil war plates

    Has anyone ever tried cleaning plates with hydrogen peroxide?? I am afraid to try it but one the other hand I bet a couple would come out really good looking. I use hydrogen peroxide on coins and I love how they come out. It works well. My fear is that the disintegrating lead on the back of...
  8. # 6

    Just recovered 2/8/16 before the ground froze. This will be my 6th plate recovered.
  9. Its going to be a great year!

    This was the result of my very first hunt of the new year and I think its going to be a good one. I was hitting a trashy house site and one of the first few great things I found was the 1858 seated half dollar which is also the very first half dollar I have ever found. It was pretty deep at 8 to...
  10. ✅ SOLVED odd Burnside bullet disc

    Found in a federal cavalry camp in Virginia. It is a Burnside bullet. The cartridge was definitely intact for a long time. Unfortunately the ground was hard on this one. The disc piece is very odd. Was definitely attached to the bullet when it was in the ground and it came out of the hole with...
  11. old machette

    Looking for more info on this piece and hopefully a time frame. I know it is not civil war use and most likely never was military affiliated.
  12. Coin or button?? cant figure it out

    Coin or button?? can't figure it out I found this a while ago with 2 early large cents (1800 and probably a 1790's) and a hand full of old flat buttons on a hill top. It is very thin so I don't think it is a coin. It would break apart to easy. However it does not appear to have any dimple on...
  13. RVs 5 plates

    RV's 5 plates Here are my 5 civil war plates that I have found within the past year and 5 months!!!! No joke really only a year and 5 months. November 2013 to April 2015. I will post the pics in order that I found them. The first plate I found was a Burnside breast plate. Believe it or...
  14. CW PLATE #5 Wooooohooooooooo

    This marks my 2nd plate found on a property, 3rd breast plate, and my 5th overall plate. All where found within the past year and a half!!!! There are plenty of relics still out there. This plate actually came out in good shape. Enjoy.
  15. unknown buckle design

    Found this within a barely existent foundation to a house or shed. It says on the back " IMPROVED GIANT GRIP Pat. No. 1272203 "
  16. Cross or German war medal

    Found this at a house built sometime around the 1950's. I don't know anything about it other than that it looks like either a cross or a wwII German war medal. Unfortunately there is no identification numbers, marks or markers marks or letters or it. Thanks for any input.
  17. wrong planchet Georgia quarter????????

    I found this on the beach in Miami on vacation. It's exactly like a normal quarter except the side or reading. If you notice the color is all silver/gray. Every quarter I have ever held is 2 colored, silver/grey and copper unless it is silver. This coin is obviously very different from regular...
  18. 🥇 BANNER First cache

    Found at a house built in 1840. I dug this up and heard it rattling around. My imagination set in and I thought there must of been a couple quarters inside or maybe even a ring?? I tried to open it but dirt and corrosion said no. Brought it home. Couldn't get to it for a couple days and then...
  19. First Trime for me

    Found it yesterday. Pretty sure it is an 1858.
  20. Rimfire shells. Year?

    Just curious what company and what time frames these casings were made. If I remember right the diamond shell is 32 cal and the US is about 30 maybe a little under. Thanks.