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  1. 2 Reale in a public park!!!

    I went to hunt a local park this morning with my new Etrac. The ground is freezing up here and I wanted to get out before it’s totally frozen. Since I needed 1 more silver to make 100, I went to the oldest park around, from the 1840s. I went out with low expectations, since I know the park has...
  2. I had my best hunt ever today!

    Today was a day that I will never forget. I went to a picnic area in a public park that had been used from the mid 1800s to the 1950s. I was using a coin shooting pattern on my Simplex with the 9x5 coil and my new predatortools shovel. First good find was a 1908 Barber dime. After that came a...
  3. My best relic yet!

    I found this awesome turn of the century relic in a public park today! So I took my Garrett Ace Apex to a pounded local park today. I was just gonna take it there to see if there was any clad or jewelry left behind by the many detectorists that go there. There weren’t a lot of coin signals so I...
  4. Garrett Bought Whites!!!

    Great news right here:
  5. Awesome relics, pocket watch, and silver at a 1903 house!

    I went to this 1903 house in town to see if I could find anything yesterday. I was onlt there for 2 hours but I popped a lot of good stuff! First came the coins in the front yard, a 1939 Canadian silver Dime and 3 wheats. Then I moved to the back yard and immediately pulled this patented...
  6. Relic quest by Steve Moore

    A very good book all about relic hunting, I definitely recommend it!
  7. Garrett apex depth tests

    Found this apex video with a depth test. It’s in Australia and it shows it hitting an 11 inch three pence which is a small silver coin plus some testing on gold nuggets and on the beach and relic sites.
  8. Returned a wedding ring... my uncle! I was detecting a local park when I got a solid 55 at 4 inches with the simplex. When I dug it out I saw a big fat ring in the hole! My uncle was visiting our house and when I showed him the ring he immediately took it and said is this tungsten? Yes, I replied confused. He said I...
  9. Display profile pic?

    Hi I was wondering how to get my profile picture to come up by my name when I post something. It’s on my profile page but not when I post.
  10. Indian on my Birthday!

    Well I turned 13 yesterday and went out to hunt a park. Pulled out this nice little Indian cent and an old .32 casing. My first Indian from a park!
  11. Possible relic?

    Found this old thing at a park that used to have an ice house in the early 1900s. I’m assuming it’s copper or brass because it gave high numbers. It was 8 to 10 inches down. Any ideas?
  12. History of metal detectors

    I made a short video about the history of the metal detector if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking!
  13. Pulled the trigger on a Simplex!

    Well after months of research I finally bought a Simplex from Texas Premium Detectors. I’m so excited it gets here Tuesday! I’ve been wanting to hunt in the rivers, streams, and lakes around here for a long time. Do you recommend the waterproof headphones or to just use vibration?
  14. What happened to (Deleted)???

    I was going to check (deleted by mod for rule infraction) to see what new stuff was up, but I found that the website doesn’t exist anymore! Does anyone know what happened?
  15. Video to learn the Ace 300

    I made a video with my Ace 300 where I show depth, VDI numbers and features.
  16. New AT Pro user!

    Hey guys! I just got an AT Pro sport special that will come in a few days! Any tips for it?
  17. New Garrett Detector

    I heard that a new Garrett product is coming soon. Does anyone have any information on it? I’m very interested.

    Hello everyone! My 1754 2 reale coin was selected for Garrets monthly favorite find! I'm so excited to receive my Ace 300! Any tips for it?
  19. An interesting comparison.

    Now I am not a gold prospector but I was looking at the chinese metal detectors just for laughs. I’d like to see this Nalada 18khz gold detector head to head against a GPZ-7000 😂.
  20. My first time magnet fishing (Funny!)

    So yesterday I brought my magnet to a local bridge to see what I could find. Unfortunately the bridge was iron, so before I could throw my magnet in the water it stuck to the bridge with a big bang. I tried to pry it off but I couldnt! So I got my dad to come with his truck and we finally pulled...