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  1. Wooden what ?

    Found this in the work bench of a house we purchased, it has tiny animals in two bands that go around the thing and the broken tip looks like it was hollow.
  2. Electrolysis set up

    Help,,would this be a good unit for performing electrolysis
  3. What's it

    Found in empty lot, nothing else found. Non magnetic and about inch and half in length.[=CONFIG][/ATTACH]
  4. Brass thing

    Surface find, brass, 1 1/2 " diameter, I think it could be a key hole cover or plate looks like some sort of damage on one end. Any ideas?
  5. ICRR tag

    trying to ID and date this metal disc, where I found it and the patina, I think it could be quite old, maybe CW era? Don't know if it could be a tool or baggage tag or what, any help would be appreciated, thanks much.