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  1. The Tesoro Inca

    Does anyone have memories of owning and using a Inca ?
  2. Rank the Impact. How does it rank with recent new arrivals to the detector world ?

    With all of the new machines coming out , Is the Impact still a good competitor with the new detectors this year.
  3. The Original Bandido

    I have a closet queen Bandido that I never really used before getting out of the hobby in the mid 1990's. I havent used it much because when I got back in the hobby a couple of years ago I went hog wild buying new machines. I have loved every second of it too. I have tried to find some articles...
  4. Omega 8500 / Fisher coils

    Which Fisher coils will work on this new detector ? Thanks Will the F 75 coils work on this new Omega 8500 ?
  5. Fisher F 44 comparisions verses other known benchmark detector , say a Vaqureo ??

    I'm getting older. I dont see well , I dont like menu after menu after menu. I have a top of the line detector in my arsenal but I usually take out a Tejon and Vaquero. Now comes the more stable , more simple menu Fishers. I want to know , can a F44 pull a three ringer out at 8 to 10 inches...
  6. My Babies ! Post your photos here !

  7. T2 verses F70 with N.E.L. Hunter Coil !

    I am going to buy a Fisher F 70 in the next few days. Although the people I hunt with both use a T2. The F70 I am looking at has the 10inch concentric. I know that is good for a school yard but we are hard core civil war hunters. I like the ideal of having the 10 concentric for coins but I...
  8. What do I need to know about buying a used F 75 ?

    i am going to buy a used F 75 this Fall. What are the different models through the years ? what is a F 75 SE ? Is that a current updated model ? And what is all the business about boost and stuff ? Can the F75 be upgraded somehow ? It seems like I have read where people had them upgraded. Is...
  9. This is complicated ....

    1. Okay bought a concentric elliptical coil on ebay ..thinking i would put it on an old bandido II non umax. They said the coil was 5 pin. 2. well guess what ? not only is the coil not 5 pin but it is 4 pin and it has male prongs instead of a female plug. 3. the coil is huge. It is 16x7 or there...
  10. push in / plug in couplers

    I'm not liking the push in plug on this Delta 4000. It seems lose. I have to push on it some to get the machine to calm down and act right.
  11. Teknetics plug in 10 " Concentric

    I just bought a Teknetics Delta 4000 with a plug in type coil connector. I would like to have a used 10" elliptical / concentric coil like you see on F 70s and Omega 8000s. This thing does not use a standard coupler type connector , it is a push in type plug. thanks
  12. Tennessee Gun Laws have changed.

    A new change in the law just went into effect. You CAN carry a loaded weapon in your automobile now. No license or permit required. Consult your local law enforcement for more details. :hello2:
  13. Are we sure about this ?

    Cazadores de Tesoros
  14. Franklin North Carolina

    We have a close family member moving there. I hear it is suppose to be some " gem capital of the universe or something. What do you find there ? And how do you find it ?
  15. Did any early umax machines have a 10 turn G.B. ?

    I am researching the ideal to changing my 3 & 3/4 turn ground balance on my Tejon. I mean it aint rocket science and i know how to soldier electronic parts but i need to find and old ( and small ) 10 turn pod to switch. I have an original Bandido and will take it apart to see the size of the...
  16. Coil Voodoo

    One of the things about this hobby that gets me is these companies that make aftermarket coils can not provide any type of scientific proof that their coils are any better than stock. I am a licensed amateur radio operator and have bought antennas for years that the companies provide gain...
  17. A Gathering Of The Tribes
  18. Starting to get used to the Tejon !

    It has taken a while to get used to the Tejon but getting the hang of it. Man , its a beast ! Cut that sensitivity way back ! I got a signal today and I held the coil way way up off the ground and WOW ! , I could still hear the target.
  19. I scouted Adairsville and Cassville Today

    It was 55 degrees today. I scouted Adairsville and Cassville today including surrounding areas. They sure have built a lot of houses down in there but there is still hope of finding something somewhere .
  20. New Year Eve Music !

    Enjoy !