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  1. Possible untouched site?

    I went out to a new place today. It's an older baseball field that has been around for probably 40 years. No big deal. BUT I learned via the historical society that the ground the field is on is where the Dutch settled in the late 1600's. In fact, they would take a boat from this location across...
  2. Etrac air test on Gold coin and 1927 silver dollar

    So I air tested my etrac on a newer gold coin and a 1927 silver dollar. The results were surprising. Silver Coin read 1-41 which is pretty spot on Gold Coin read 13-46 which was completely unexpected. I thought gold read lower? I'm glad it tried this . Also , I did an 1827 large cent and it...
  3. Deteknix Wireless Etrac

    I just got my shipment of the wireless Deteknix kit for Etrac. I will review as soon as I get out with them. Fingers crossed that it works good because the headphone cord for the wired headphones is an absolute pain.
  4. South Jersy Etrac Users

    Hello, Are there any South Jersey guys/gals that use ETRAC and would not mind helping me learn my machine? We can meet at a park or something and I would like to learn how to understand "iffy" signals. I have had this for 2 years and have not been able to locate silver, I believe I am...
  5. Etrac and no silver

    I'll be honest. I have not found silver yet with this machine. 2 years old. I dunno what I am doing wrong. I'm to the point I feel like switching machines. Someone help me please!
  6. Etrac Procoil

    Last year I bought a coiltek 6" treasureseeker. I love it and have some good finds with it. Yesterday I put back the original coil and it is going haywire. It starts jumping all over the place whether it's on the ground or in the air. I noise cancel and it doesn't help. Any ideas?? I'm at a loss
  7. Pinpointer set up on detector

    Does anyone have a pinpointer attached to their machine? Not the Sunray but a Garrett attached? Not wired just attached? Curious to see how you did that
  8. Minelab pro-sonic wireless headphone

    Has anyone actually bought this system and can give feedback? I am at my wits end with the wired headphones. I want to get a. Wireless setup but unsure of what to get
  9. 1700 Farm House

    I lucked out and located a farm house from mid 1700 and was given permission anytime to detect. Been there 3 times and no coins. Found round all, mid 1800 button and couple old things. No coins. Problem is this place has tons of trash. Iron and every other kind of metal. I am running an etrac...
  10. South Jersey (by Delaware)

    Hello, Just asking if anyone has ever been part of a metal detecting club? I am in the south jersey area and am curious about joining one.
  11. Best find to date! Large Cent

    Large Cent!! This was at an old farm house about 8 inches down. Located with coiltek treasure seeker cool. Wish I could see the date:(
  12. Wireless Headphones for Etrac

    Can anyone recommend a pair of wireless headphones for etrac? I searched this forum and found a few, Rapoo and another pair that was discontinued. I am assuming blue tooth have a delay. Anyone have any experience? The wire from my KOSS is killing me, I cant do it anymore lol thank you
  13. Help Identifying Button

    I found this at a 1700 farmhouse in south jersey. Can anyone tell me what kind of button or when it was worn? This is the first button I have ever found.
  14. sensitivity at the beach

    I was curious. As i plan on hunting low tide wet sand at the beach this weekend, what sensitivity do you guys recommend running for a Quattro as to avoid falsing? I had a falsing issue last time, which was the first time i used it on wet sand. I was running 17 or 18 sensitivity.
  15. First Sivler Ever!!! and a Susan B Anthony to boot!

    Finally got my first silver!! 1923 Merc. Also a 1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar. I didnt post the rest which were all clad. Lots of clad.
  16. DeMarco Detectors in MIllville, NJ

    have any of you guys ever been here? Is it a showroom? Do they sell accessories? I tried to call a few times but got no answer.
  17. Old School Site sidewalk

    So i noticed that in my town they are ripping up the old sidewalk next to the school, which was built in 1915. I thought I would go and seek permission to hunt the area before they pour the new concrete. Any ideas on what to say as not to be rejected?
  18. Ground Balancing

    Question, How do you ground balance a Minelab Quattro? For all this time, I thought it was automatic. I am wondering how many good finds i passed over :help:
  19. Does Kellyco have the market cornered?

    Im interested in purchasing a 6x8 SEF Excelerator Coil for my Quattro and I see that KellyCo is out of them. OK, I cannot find another site that sells them? Am I missing something? Also, does anyone have a date when they will be available from KellyCO?
  20. Excelerator 6inch DD coil

    I have a Quattro. I have no issues with this machine. Took me a while to get used to, which was my fault as it was my first machine ever. It came with the 10.5 inch coil which is great, but i have been hitting some trashy areas lately and was wondering about this 6 inch coil. The 10.5 inch coil...