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  1. Visit to the swimming hole

    I guess he didn't. All communication stopped as soon as I told him where I found it and that is was in Idaho. We are speculating that He either wasn't supposed to be here when He lost it or that is a part of his life that doesn't need to be a part of his life now. I just couldn't believe he...
  2. Visit to the swimming hole

    I must have a setting messed up. I was never notified of any of your comments. Sorry, was not ignoring. I did locate the only apparent person that It could POSSIBLY belong to. When I told them "where" I found it in "Idaho" all conversation stopped. Oops! Maybe wasn't supposed to be where they...
  3. Visit to the swimming hole

    Been too busy to get out this summer but yesterday I found myself with a few hours and a very nice day. For lack of any good permissions I thought "I'll just go try where everyone floats a seasonal/irrigation creek". Turns out those people loose a lot of sunglasses and a few rings. The gold ring...
  4. 🥇 BANNER 6 seated spill (2 CCs and a key date)and a shield

    Top right corner of your comment box. Little button that says "Nominate Banner"
  5. 🥇 BANNER 6 seated spill (2 CCs and a key date)and a shield

    Thanks for all the compliments on the camera work guys. I really appreciate it. Yes, I was there, holding the camera and pouring water. He cut this part Dr. Tones: "give me some more water" Me: "Water is getting VERY expensive right now". It is still hard to believe even having been there...
  6. pretty sweet dig!

    Yep, Been here all my life. Tones in a transplant but that's ok, we'll let him stay. Idaho is a fairly new state by many standards and real old finds can be challenging so when we do find locations with old finds it's exciting.
  7. pretty sweet dig!

    These came out of the back yard. Didn't get 'em on video 'cause Tones was hogging the camera. :occasion14:
  8. is your wife or girlfriend jealous of your metal detector?!

    I tell my wife I have a girlfriend and her name is Minelab and we are real tight. Actually she now keeps an eye out for the type of places I like to hunt. She knows I love this hobby and I am happy when I get to dig. She loves seeing the different finds I bring home. BUT I do make sure my normal...
  9. What Inspired you to start Detecting?

    I have/had been curious, for years, what people had lost and curious about what might be hidden in the ground of "old" sites. After the economy tanked this last time I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands and no money. I found my self pursuing my interest on the web and sites like this. Then a...
  10. ✅ SOLVED Protection Prosperity & Panama

    Found it! It was part of one of these.
  11. Electrolysis Experiments

    Davers I don't know the details about how the chemicals are released. IMO better safe than sorry.
  12. ✅ SOLVED Protection Prosperity & Panama

    That's kinda what i got. I'll look some more when i can get on my computer.
  13. ✅ SOLVED Protection Prosperity & Panama

    Any one know what this is? Both sides are the same.
  14. Hello From Idaho

    Who did you buy the dues from?
  15. Hello From Idaho

    Floating Adrift, Had any luck hunting the tailings?
  16. Billium

    Hi Cannonballguy, I recently dug up what appears to be a 12lb cannon ball. It weight 12.2 pounds...

    Hi Cannonballguy, I recently dug up what appears to be a 12lb cannon ball. It weight 12.2 pounds (digital bath scale) and has a diameter of 4.52 using a string around the circumference then dividing that by 3.1416. It has the right markings i.e. the forging ring filed down and repaired/filled...
  17. Electrolysis Experiments

    I have heard that using stainless steel is a BIG NO NO. It will give of a very toxic chemical. Someone said it is the same chemical that was featured in the Movie Erin Mocovich (sp?). Just my two cents worth..
  18. Hello From Idaho

    Specifically; Kuna
  19. Hello From Idaho

    Been metal detecting/treasure hunting for a while now but only 1/2 years with equipment in hand. Heard about this forum and wanted to jump in and see what's going on. :hello:
  20. Billium

    There you are

    There you are