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  1. Button? Or something like that pretty heavy ????

    Anyone have an idea what this is looks utilitarian like it?s missing a loop on the side with the slot. It?s about diameter of nickel on wide side and 1/2? top to bottom. Thought it was bronze not really be any rust, but it?s magnetic. Some kind button?
  2. ✅ SOLVED Looks like bullet slug but different?

    It?s 9mm dia. Non magnetic green/blue color flat bottom and slightly protruding top is flat as well. Rings around but also very uniform verticals. Like I said like a slug but can?t find anything that looks like it or to date.
  3. Need help!! ID button I think

    Found in Massachusetts looked like a pewter button slightly green with strange square indent in back. Not sure if pictures show but to left I think can make out something like ?PAITR? slightly curved but I could be swing them wrong. Am I seeing things could it be revolutionary? Cant find...
  4. Key I’d help

    Looked at multiple sites just can’t find the numbers or letters referenced?
  5. Help any idea what this is?

    Help any idea what this is? Definitely had a purpose and not broken seems to have a raised stamp on end or could be rust but that area is recessed. Any ideas? Dug very deep 10”, Thanks for any ideas!
  6. Possible stock inlay any ideas

    No holes or markings slightly curved seems to be tin could it be a rifle stock inlay ? What year found Winchester 44WCF 1886-1895 shell casing 20ft away.
  7. Metal triangle?

    Looks like two edges are angled on one side to be sharper back is flat any idea why it is and age ?Its about 3”x3”
  8. Some my best 2020

  9. Early probably prayer bead Cross

  10. One more ox shoe, large pick, and misc

  11. Button ID ?

    Pleas help identify button could be Victorian or seems older 1700s?