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  1. coins galore and a bit of silver

    Went to my aunts house (est 1921) and spent most of a day in the front yard. I love when house is built on clay then over time the cover thickens. the coins fall only as far as the clay, about 2-3 inches so you can just pop them with your pinpointer. It was awesome, and because of the protection...
  2. ordinary metal detector lol

    Treasure hunter strikes gold to find ring belonging to wealthy 17th-century money lender | Mail Online
  3. never hunted out, best carved bullet ive found

    took jcahoon to my well hunted spot and found a couple goodies any help on the flat button would help. cant imagine 150 years ago sitting under a tent in a war zone carving a necklace. such a treasure!
  4. back to the well hunted spot, got a curious!

    posted this button back or what ever, in what is it, but wanted to add my finds that went along with it. i dont understand the button:BangHead: seems out of place. the owner keeps telling me its been hunted for over 20 years but stuff has been missed. I would attribute it to the at pro and can...
  5. a curious button/?

    I have no clue found this in a well hunted cw battle feild along with bullets and led.
  6. civil war site finds

    got permission to hunt a well hunted site last weekend. picked up a couple of goodies including the silver 1923 merc. the flat button has london written on the back not sure of date, no design on the front. also a pic of my unknowns my first civil war dig since 1983! Happy Hunting8-)
  7. my first

    this is my first good find with my ace 250. the odd thing is i found this in some dirt i was loading at a friends house to put in my driveway. main reason i was detecting this dirt was to get the nails out. imagine that.