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  1. This one is my shark bite scar

    Great Story...
  2. My oldest US silver and I found it just in time!!!

    Nice Recovery... Im Diggin the Card too.. I see you were wearing your lucky church gloves on that dig... nice touch.. :laughing7:
  3. 2nd Half Dime ever!!!

    As if the half dime wasnt spectacular enough in near mint condition, it had to go and be an O mint mark... :occasion14: Id be over the moon.
  4. Vicksburg Plate Find

  5. Found a New Camp Today

    Nice Finds.. Trying to find sites on the west side of the river myself. Keep Swingin.
  6. Help to Identify

    "Cane Field" would generally indicate either South Louisiana, or South Florida. If either, it would definitely be an aberration in that type of Ag Field. Very interesting piece, would love to see better pics from more angles in natural light.
  7. Port Hudson Cannon Ball

    Thanks devldog, it sure is time to get out there, and it cant happen fast enough. I hope I can return the favor at some point as well. Thanks also to Zep11in for the Link. I just got thru reading and digesting it all, and seems like both sides had some 24 Pound Smoothbore Siege Guns at Port...
  8. Port Hudson Cannon Ball

    Thanks So Much for the Info, and the Link. Its a Great Read.. Much Appreciated..
  9. “Young” felling wedge Aluminium “689”

    Ive got some Hard Plastic ones that surprisingly work like a charm.
  10. Who knows their wildflowers? Can you identify this beauty?

    :occasion14: Ive always thought they were pretty cool trees.
  11. Port Hudson Cannon Ball

    Does anyone have any information about 24 Pound Naval Cannons used at Port Hudson?
  12. Who knows their wildflowers? Can you identify this beauty?

    Thats a Tulip Tree Flower, sometimes known as a Yellow Poplar.
  13. What is it????

    Hollow Cypress Knee made into an Inkwell..
  14. Port Hudson Cannon Ball

    Thanks Smokey, that kinda confirms what I was thinking after some reading on the subject.
  15. Port Hudson Cannon Ball

    A Great Friend of mine had been telling me for some time that I needed to come see all his Metal Detecting Collection. Well I finally got over there yesterday and I was Completely Blown Away at the amazing collection he has put together over the years. He has done a lot of detecting in the Port...
  16. Colonial Farm Field Whoozie Whatsit

    Maybe an old chain pull off of a ceiling fan?
  17. Finally something to show

    Atta Boy D.
  18. How I Steel twice from a Coinstar

    This Seems Appropriate.
  19. Hello from south Louisiana

    Welcome from Iberville Parish..