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  1. 💵 FOR SALE Whites VX3

    For sale Whites VX 3 with Sun Ray target probe Wireless Head phones and Ultmate DD 12" coil and 9" Eclipse coil and 6" Eclipse Shooter DD coil. $1295.00 + $20.00 shipping.
  2. I know one is Confederate....

    I know one is Confederate....But need help with the rest?
  3. Anyone know?

    Found this at a old Plantation anyone know what time period it is?
  4. My friend finds a Confederate infantry button I find a souvenir??

    So we were out at a new permission my hunting Buddy got! He scores BIG with the Confederate button but I got this Souvenir. Any ideas??:dontknow:
  5. Looking for Silver but found Gold!

    FIRST GOLD OF 2019. I went to :headbang:my Old High School to try for some silver but found this 14K Wedding Band instead.:headbang:
  6. Partner Needed

    Looking for a detecting partner for next spring. Male or Female I don't care as long as you bring some hunting spots with you. If you need a detector I have seven of them. Location is the Shenandoah Valley Virginia:metaldetector:
  7. Buying a Hookha system

    I have set aside $1000.00 for a Hookha system any suggestions?:dontknow: me

    Down the road from me they demolished a old house and I got permission to detect it. Just a few wheat penny's and this which I thought was cool.:tongue3:​
  9. If you don't stop digging in my yard i'm going to kick your Ass!

    That's what my Grand Mother told me Forty six years ago when I got my first whites metal detector and I was shocked because I had never heard her say anything like that before. I had just dug my first mercury dine in her yard and was really excited but that put the stops on that project. Grand...
  10. My First Door Knock Go's Wrong

    There is a Ball Park in my Community that go's back to the 1950's and over the years I have dug the heck out of it. I was there digging my 2000th pull tab when it hit me that maybe I needed to give the tabs a break. I looked across the road and noted a house that I had always longed to swing...
  11. What type of Kayak is best for river hunting?

    I am going to river Detect and wonder what type of Kayak is best suited for it? What do you use? Many thanks:hello:
  12. Metal Detecting Guy or Gal hunting Partner?

    I live in Dayton Virginia and would like a Detecting Partner to hunt with. Many thanks, George:tongue3:
  13. Retirement!

    Finally after 23 years at my resort job I am free! I am blessed with good health and now tons of time and can't wait to explore the many treasure spots that are left in my historic area the Shenandoah valley of Virginia. I hope to have some good story's and great finds in the future. God...
  14. Double Faced Lincoln

    I saw two errors on this coin and then I see two Lincoln's staring back at me?? Do you see them?:dontknow: Date is 195 and no t in trust but the two faces I can't explain. :icon_scratch:
  15. Strange Penny Day

    Dates 194 and 195
  16. Wedge?

    Found this not very deep on a old road in the middle of the woods. I thought it was a axe head but it is a old hammered wedge as there is no axe handle hole. Any thoughts on it?
  17. Oh Hell, here it comes!

    So I'm at a old Mennonite Church in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia detecting on the church property with Permission. The lawn of the Church is mowed and maintained well and I have found many great relics there. I am detecting with my VX3, my favorite machine when I get the urge to move over...
  18. Silver Horses

    Found this silver at the School I went to Grade School MANY years ago. LoL:laughing7:
  19. Found in Virginia

    I found this in a park in Bridgewater Virginia:hello: Thanks for looking!
  20. Bahama Trip

    Just came back from the Bahamas, was on the Beach Morning and Evening for Four days and loved it. The Ring is a 14K Gold Wedding Band, thanks for looking!:hello2: