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  1. Intact Westerwald mug and other Colonial relics found today.

    Incredible! Huge congratulations man. The Westerwald GR mug is a dream find of mine. Too much amazing stuff in these pictures. I pulled a intact 1850s era axe from riverbank clay last fall with a perfectly preserved handle from the oxygen free environment. Your axe looks earlier and just as...
  2. 2018 Season Wrap Up - Gold, Silver, and Military from the Lowcountry

    Is it rust color or white and fluffy? That's impressive if that is actually not stabilized! Keep me posted on it man.
  3. 2018 Season Wrap Up - Gold, Silver, and Military from the Lowcountry

    That colonial gold ring.... Incredible year man! That's a fantastic spread of early buttons you dug this year. That solid shot looks like its holding up well too. What a year you had... well done.
  4. Colonial G-O-L-D...field of dreams produces shocker!

    Can't congratulate you enough man. Of all the incredible stuff your coil has gotten over, this is the best. As you said, a find of a lifetime. Big time banner on this piece.
  5. 🥇 BANNER Bit by a RATTLESNAKE! Bucket list recovery

    Congrats man! Well deserved banner on that one.
  6. 🥇 BANNER Bit by a RATTLESNAKE! Bucket list recovery

    Huge congrats man! That should be up top fast. You got my vote :occasion14:
  7. UNIQUE Mississippian pottery sherd

    That design is absolutely amazing Glenn. Such a cool piece man. Well done.... Oh, and keep me posted on that college study they're doing on your collection.
  8. 🥇 BANNER 1733 colonial sundial and others

    Easily one of my favorite finds I've seen on here yet. A few years ago a pewter one turned up, but yours is much more ornate and with a name, date and latitude.... It's incredible. Wondering if the other piece if somewhere on that property. If it's getting a professional preservation, I'm...

    Incredible plate man! Complete and with a sick patina on it. :occasion14:
  10. British SWORD guard/pewter - Coastal SC relic hunt

    Fantastic hunt man! The sword guard piece is awesome :occasion14: Nice to see the nox getting some of those salt pluff mud finds... I'm still waiting on the wp headphones to get in the river with mine.

    Incredible Dave! The picture of you three says it all... I can imagine how excited everyone was. Those hunts are few and far between, but that's the sort of excitement that keeps us going back to get covered in ticks and mosquitos :laughing7: Oh, and sick coppers too.
  12. Need help identifying chain found in central Florida...

    It's the end to a wagon trace chain.
  13. Today is a day we will remember for the rest of our lives!!

    Absolutely fantastic! Great story and an amazing flask. Looks like she had a ton of fun too, so surly she'll be asking to come along next time too.
  14. TNet Hunt: Spanish Silver!

    Way to go Tom :occasion14: A couple of sweet old silvers with good friends. I dug my first trime a few weeks ago and it was a big surprise... I thought it was a half real for a minute. Enjoy your recuperating R&R in the valley man.
  15. First Impressions of Deus....It Does Not Suck!!!!

    So glad you're swinging that thing now man. You're going to kill it this year with it. What's wrong with 3 dudes spending the weekend in a dirt hole!?
  16. a talk about the equinox and deus freqs...

    I had a White's v3i years ago and if I remember correctly, that machine can run a single frequency or 3 frequencies at once. I'm sure there's a few other simultaneous multifrequency machines out there. After using it for 2 years, I got rid of my V3i because it was overly complex.... I'm a...

    No worries man.... I think it actually says 17.?? in the UI and 18 in the manual, so some call it 17 and some call it 18. Its interchangeable. If I remember correctly the .?? in the frequencies can vary slightly between machines too... but maybe I'm making that up and not remembering that...

    IP, nice to see you swinging a Deus man. I hunted on 18khz for 2 years before I ventured out and messed with 12khz. 18 worked so well for me I didn't see a reason to change it. I was digging more tiny items like cufflinks than ever before and I was digging deep coppers too. Oh absolutely...

    Everyone's going to have their own programs that work for them in the areas they like to hunt. I don't think there is a silver bullet program that fits all styles of hunting. I hunt mostly colonial and early 1800s house sites with very thick iron. I don't care about IDs, I dig it all and I...