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  1. Hello everyone!!

    I've been a away for a while Battlecat woke me up with a pm this a.m. and I thought I would give everyone a shout out! I had knee surgery on June 1st everything went well and I'm still mding just not posting. I found three rings last night but only one keeper. I still get out and do very well...
  2. Heres a lesson for everyone that metal detects found cache?

    Here's a lesson for everyone that metal detects found cache? I buried a cache of tokens ,coins and silver rings on Jan 5th of this year at a park in Littleton Colorado. No one has called me finding this cache so I went out tonight and found it!? To my surprise some one found it!~!!!! but...
  3. Okay here it is the ring I found today!!!!!

    Hope this works! OnionRings
  4. NO pic yet but you guys will freak at what I found today!

    I can't find the cord to the camera to post a pic but it's a whopper of a ring!!! OnionRings
  5. I hate to say the dirty "S" word BUT!!!!

    I hate to say the dirty "S" word BUT!!!! IT'S HERE! SNOW! We woke up to about an inch on the ground today and a high of about 30 degrees. Were having fun here at a mile high! :'( Onion
  6. The Moon is right tonight for detecting!

    I went out tonight for a short hunt 1 1/2 hours and I found $10.54 in clad and a silver Bronco pendant. This was the first time in a while that I got out to hunt and the moon must have been just right for me to find that much clad in a short period. I'm still around just have been really busy...
  7. Nice find tonight!

    I have been busy remodeling my house and haven't detected in also two months and I went out for an hour and a half tonight and found a nice gold ring it weighs 5.5 grams! i guess i still have the touch ;D Onionrings!

    1/2 OZ GOLD NUGGET FIND!!! PIC'S Okay here's the pic of the GOLD NUGGET!!!! I found this in a play ground at a local school and didn't even realize? what I had until I got it home!? Onion
  9. ITS REAL!!!!! 1/2 OZ GOLD NUGGET!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This will be a great find if it checks out 15 gram gold nugget!

    Sorry no pic yet I will have it checked out on Monday and post a pic if it's real! There is a small hole on the top and a "G" stamped on one side looks like the hole was for a chain! Onion
  11. Treasure hunters get arrested! Onion
  12. Well it looks like I still have the touch!! Gold and Silver today!!Pic is up

    I went out in the rain today for the first time in almost 2 months and found a 14k gold cross and a silver ring! My usb port is giving me fits so I'll try to get a pic posted in a little bit. Onion
  13. Its been a while since I posted

    It's been a while since I posted I haven't got a chance to go detecting in over a month and I just got the DSL up and running last week. There is two feet of snow on the ground in the last 24 hours and it's headed to the east. I hope to get out and do a little hunting in a couple weeks. Talk...
  14. Found a couple nice silver rings today

    I went to the school today and cleaned up on the clad $10.05 and a 1946d Wheat! Two 925 silver rings! First time i got out in awhile this home seller and buying has taken all my time up! It was good to get out today! Onion
  15. What hunting area would you pick?

  16. I found this ring today!

    Real or Not? NOT! Onion
  17. Very nice clad hunt today and a WHAT IS IT?

    I went out for three hours today and scored on the clad today $9.60. and couple junk rings. Okay I don't post many what is it questions, but what are these they're made out of copper and I don't think they're earrings . Onion
  18. FREE TO DETECT posted!

    "Have you check the lost and found to look for owners? I called long distance and used my credit card to place an ad to one of the rings you posted last week." I can't say what a nice person you are! I checked the paper and didn't see the ad what paper did you post it in? If you get a call let...
  19. My first Diamond and Opal Ring

    I went out this morning for two hours and had a great hunt! This is my first opal ring it has four small diamonds and is set in 10k. to go with this a necklace and $5.27 in clad!
  20. Token Pic!

    These tokens are placed in parks around Denver by a detector shop. Onion