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  1. Season has come to a end.

    Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I do not keep a log. But I detected far less last year than what I normally do, because of the job that makes me away most of the summer.
  2. Season has come to a end.

    The season has come to an end. As usual, I have made two films, one summarizing the season and the other showing the season's best findings for me.
  3. Fantastic viking art(ifacts)

    Yes it's a strap-end, I did´t se this type before. But when I came home to look on Facebook, a find was posted with exactly the same decor in Denmark found about 1800 km from my find...
  4. Fantastic viking art(ifacts)

    :happysmiley: :happysmiley: yes the clock is a bit strange from the other findings, but shows that there has been activity until today
  5. Fantastic viking art(ifacts)

    A friend and I visited a new farm, which resulted in some beautiful Viking artifacts, some of them must be considered as art even at the time they were made. The film contains far more finds than I have posted pictures of, partly because I do not want to post pictures of my friend's finds, but...
  6. Great finds in stormy weather

    This is the first time a cob coin has been found in northern Norway, but 1-2 have been found in southern Norway that I know of.
  7. Great finds in stormy weather

    Metaldetecting in north of Norway (North of the Arctic Circle). Using XP-Deus. Bad weather means some wind noise, sorry for that. Cob 2 reales. Philip III, 1578 - 1621 (Spain) S (Seal matriks for) † Tord † Kellson
  8. The best from 2020

    There are so many findings, so I have put the pictures into a collage.
  9. The best from 2020

  10. 1500 year old clasps and viking coin

    Thank you very much, The book is:
  11. 1500 year old clasps and viking coin

    In the film I say that the coin is by King Olav Kyrre, but it is from his father King Olav Hardrade 1046-1066. The needle I think is Russian from the early 1800s after the discovery of Russian coins and seals, could it be a form of Fabri's egg?
  12. 2 viking brooches and 2 x 1 Marck silver cons on the same day

    Lucky day out finding 2 viking brooch, and 2 x 1 march silver coins made too a cufflink and more silver coins.
  13. Masterpiece of a coin...

    The law in Norway states that all coins older than 1650 are the property of the state, as are artifacts older than 1537. Such discoveries are important for research and understanding of society in earlier times. Such discoveries are also our common property. The state pays fines for such...
  14. Masterpiece of a coin...

    Thank you so much for all the comments and congratulations
  15. Masterpiece of a coin...

    Masterpiece of a coin, gorgeous 27,18 grams silver coin. And a lot more…
  16. 23 silver coins in the potato field

    23 silver coins in the potato field, 4 of them were older in 1650 and are delivered to the museum as required by law in Norway. The 19 coins I can keep are from the years between 1650 and 1809. Archbishop Olav Engelbregtsson 1523-1537 (Norway) King Hans 1481-1513 (Denmark) Rostock around...
  17. Then I got my first trip out this season (Norway)

    After a hard winter with large amounts of snow, it's nice to get out with my metal detector
  18. Round up the season 2019

    Thank you som much. The gold coin is a 1/2 Guinea 1686, England. Mest of the silver coins are from Denmark and Norway, from 1650 and up to around 1800.
  19. Round up the season 2019

    Rounding up the season 2019
  20. The last day of detecting this season, gave some surprises

    Thank you so much. The last few days we have received 70 cm of snow, so there has been a lot of work to remove it from the road