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  1. Welcome my friend Bruce!

    Well I told my friend bruce about this site. Hope you all get to know this guy. He has made Silver and Gold in the past. He also has 33 years of detecting experience. Hope to see him post a topic soon.
  2. One coin pays for detector!

    Was wondering how many others have found a single coin that was worth more than the cost of their detector. I have made two finds like that myself. Hope to see others make their postings here. If people are looking this should show that it can be done.
  3. Bottle location La Crosse Wisconsin

    In the past i use to pick old bottles out of a slew near Luthern Hospital. I did get a few blob top bottles there. Just ask I'll tell ya how to get there.
  4. Night hunting?

    I do alot of night hunting and have made many of my better finds doing so. There are less people to bother you, plus it's sometimes the only time I have free. I do not use a light. Also I've never been bothered by hoods. Any body else enjoy this time to hunt?
  5. Another side walk find 1867

    Here is the only 1867 Indian head I've gotten so far.
  6. 3 cent nickel

    Here is the only 3 cent piece I ever found.
  7. Two cent piece

    Here is a nice shape 2 cent piece I recovered under a sidewalk.
  8. Unusal methods?

    I'm interested in others methods to find more coins, one of mine at say a sidewalk that has been removed, is to take and shovel off 6 inches or so and go over the area again. I've found deeper coins that way. anybody else ever try that?
  9. Gold coin find

    Here is my best so far, anybody ever find one from this mint? Find details: That year started to do sidewalks and house tear ups as my major detecting focus. I had only a short time left in the detecting season, I needed 4 coins (keepers) to reach 68 to double the previous years total. It was...