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  1. Bart at Big Boys Hobbies

    i just want to thank Bart for the fast shipping on my AT PRO it got hear sooner than i thought it would. i had looked at other vendors and am glad i found Bart at Big Boys Hobbies i will gladly order from you again.:thumbsup:
  2. New and Improved Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

    need's some help am thinking of buying the Garrett at pro but i have heard that the first gen had a lot of trouble now i can't tell one from the other and i want to buy the New and Improved Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector. i just don't want to buy one of the old one I've heard so much about. thanks
  3. want to trade for a 4inch used dredge

    i would like to trade for a good 4inch OR 3 INCH dredge..
  4. Dredging

    dose any one hear dredge. have any of you ever run into a snake while Dredging also what do you do about the big water spider' in north GA. do snake's live in the cold water?
  5. Teknetics Gamma 6000 Metal Detector

    hi can anyone tell me if the if the teknetics gamma 6000 metal detector is any good. are they better than whites metal detectors. thanks
  6. quantum 2

    hi all i just got a whites Quantum 2 i traded a $80 knife i had for it now am trying to learn it. am so use to my mxt that am having a little trouble with it what is the best way to set it to hunt with it. what is the best mode to have it in and about how deep will it detect a coin. thanks
  7. 1970s case xx fishing knife

    found yesterday on the beach it was a foot in a half in the ground. it read junk on my mxt but it was good junk first one i ever found. was using the 6x10dd coil i just got it work's great.
  8. old marble

    found at the lake it was 5'' in the ground is this marble an old one. :sign13:
  9. newbie to the forum

    hi i live in woodstock. looking for people or some one to go detecting with or a club. i have been going to the lake alot and finding some good stuff. found five sliver rings the other day. i have a whites 6t & mxt. that i use and still learning to use them,