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  1. 🥇 BANNER Seminole War Fort Awesome Coin

    Hi Florida finder, my best suggestion of removing the rust without hurting any value of the 8 reale is use electrolysis. There's a unit made for just this type of need and Its called The Ugly Box. The detecting site on Facebook is Detect America and one of the moderators sells them. Great...
  2. US Continental Navy Buttons

    Thank You for the positive and welcome words, I have been digging cool stuff up since the fall of 1989 and that was about 20 yrs. too late knowing what I know now hahaha, But seriously I wish I had kept the first Silver anything. It was a Crucifix from a rosary, I found the St, Christpher the...
  3. US Continental Navy Buttons

    These buttons were found before the ground froze and actually last summer and early fall here in Maine. This is my first posting on this site so forgive me for being a newbie and I apprecate any guidence as to where how etc, Thank you for the reply
  4. US Continental Navy Buttons

    I had and still have the great excitement and enthusiasim of digging these very rare and stunning buttons. ( Note the newest coin of the 8 dug at this site was 1788) I was fortunate to find a very old cellar hole for it was not on any old map that was made and I used LIDAR to locate it and it...
  5. 1785 Nova Constellatio, my best coin ever!

    Please tell us what state you dug these coins thanks in advance ,, and you are so fortunate that the soil was extremely kind to your copper.
  6. 1785 Nova Constellatio, my best coin ever!

    Congratulations on that most stunning copper, I have yet to find one but my confidance is high considering what i have recovered in just 2 full seasdons of detecting here in southern Maine.
  7. OD: 6A Button

    Can someone please give me an idea what this button may be worth ? It is listed in Albert`s book as RV 50 . However my button is the "cuff Button and not the general coat button thus i would assume its even scarcer than the general coat button.