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  1. 1802 Half Cent ?

    I think I might of found an 1802 half cent. Only 20k + was minted. I see the two under a microscope.
  2. Banning Metal Detecting in ERIE COUNTY NY ?

    Join the fight for our brothers and sisters in Erie County NY. Erie County considers restricting use of metal detectors - City & Region - The Buffalo News
  3. Want to help someone ? Jewelry Finders

    I am not sure if I can post this but we just created a group in FB to help people re-unite with their lost Jewelry. You are all welcomed to join the group and post. When some one needs your help and post near your location you can assist them if you have the time. Join us...
  4. Chinese Salad Bowl ?

    ok, so I went out yesterday with a buddy, I pluck this out of the ground. I am trying to determine it's year more or less. I know it was hand carved. No year marks on it. And what does that say in the middle.
  5. All Chicago People ... Must Read

    This is from Chicago Ron They are trying to ban metal detecting in one county in Chicago. He is asking for your support. Meeting with Cook County Forest Preserve to address ban on detecting. | Chicago Ron
  6. Excalibur II / Maintenance

    Hello Ladies and gents. Just wondering for all you Excall II users out there, how to maintain the Excall II after taking it in the water. I read you need to take the cover off and clean the coil every so often, but is there any other maintenance you do to your excal to keep it humming ...
  7. Salem County New Jersey

    Hello everyone, and Happy Hunting. I was wondering if there is anyone from Salem County or surrounding area that might want to go out hunting. ? We might be able to share research and bounce ideas of one another. Anyway, PM me HH