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  1. coins galore and a bit of silver

    Went to my aunts house (est 1921) and spent most of a day in the front yard. I love when house is built on clay then over time the cover thickens. the coins fall only as far as the clay, about 2-3 inches so you can just pop them with your pinpointer. It was awesome, and because of the protection...
  2. I need help A.S.A.P

    NETR Online • Historic Aerials try this
  3. Found padlock and frustration....

    i have the same issue from time to time not sure why, hope we get a chime in from the pro exsperts lol
  4. INCREDIBLE-Tenn. Trio Dug Over 1,000 CW Relics in 6 Months

    glad to see its not rotting in the ground. wtg!
  5. (Part 2) AT pro, not impressed!!

    this sounds familiar... im glad im not the only one to have difficultys.. i called the atp a boat anchor untill my second set of batterys. now my next upgrade will have to step up. i have no problems now but i feel your pain. hang in there and focus it will work out.:icon_thumright:
  6. am I the only african American that metal detects?

    if you are the Tiger woods then we will be expecting vids of the cannons you find and the ship wreck you discover on the beach.. lol welcome to tnet and happy hunting!
  7. ordinary metal detector lol

    Treasure hunter strikes gold to find ring belonging to wealthy 17th-century money lender | Mail Online
  8. Now this is more like it!

    thats an awesome day!
  9. Craigslist Recovery Business

    cool story!
  10. Is this a shell?

    id say yes and if its fossilzed the the white stuff is probably calcium
  11. please help identify these

    first one is hard to tell, could you repost a pic in natural light with a darker background? second one , i have no idea. and welcome, if i didnt greet you when you joined. also look around on the forum there are places you can post where people know more than me.
  12. Need help from AT Pro crew

    did you change frequencys?
  13. Civil War Dream Field Day 1 - 3 Plates, 100+ bullets.

    good luck asking where lol! but its always nice to see good recoverys, reminds me of the 80 S, that looks like a regular weekend back then.
  14. Big silver spill

    that is Treasure! WTG!:headbang:

    wtg! i hope one day i can do this. wish this was how the world saw us!
  16. Do you actually have to own an AT Pro to become a paid promoter?

    its not the machine its the hunter, period. ford chevy dodge, whatever, go buy what you like and learn it. an old saying applies here. all the wrappers are the same its the hamburger thats different. You being the hamburger. the pro suits me but ill bet you a dime to dollar that i can borrow...
  17. AT Pro Observation

    this is the kind of talk we all need to better ourselves in the hobby, not the banter about what machine is better but concise conversation about the user techniques and manipulation. this hobby has a lot of scared people in it. some of us are afraid to let another in on the "secret", i include...
  18. AT Pro Observation

    ok got to chime in, the pro for some reason works for me above others i have tried. i really believe its the individuals hunting style. i listen for the tone first if im in trash but if im in a low target area i look at the numbers and how they jump. i have been trying to teach my ears the...
  19. never hunted out, best carved bullet ive found

    i think its just scratch marks from the plow but the hole goes all the way thru. they seeded the feild sat so we are done until fall in that field. owner made a joke on me this am said we should go hunt it now since the ground is so soft.. haha then he said oops i forgot its been seeded. what a...
  20. little lead button? with the number 78

    was gonna suggest shipping tag:tongue3: