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  1. silver ...

    So i know a couple of you guys have been kinda following me and i keep saying no silver no silver....well in return you guys have been telling me to be patient and it will come when i least expect this is funny....i have now had my metal detector for 4 weeks and im so addicted to this...
  2. darn it!!!

    Another qauter one year from being a silver!!! will i ever find one lol...but good day though i got a few coins-----happy hunting
  3. yesssss!!!!

    IM really loving this hobby!!!! Today i went out for an hour and a half and found tons of coins including a 1976 bicentennial qauter and another ring and i think this one is real silver i found it 3 inches down and just some tarnish no corrsion !!! lol and i cant upload pics bc its sauing they...
  4. great day of hunting!!!!

    Found 2 quaters 3 nickels and 3 pennies.....A ring and something triangle ....not sure if the ring and triangle thing are silver though??? lol but im so addicted to metal detecting i litterly cant get enough of it!!! Does silver corrode at all? the ring has corrosion but the triangle thing...
  5. good day in my books for being a newbie!!!

    Well i walked out with some good amounts of change.....nothing worth anything but the one qauter i got was 1965 so so so close to being my first silver!!! lol But agian very happy with the outcome....leave me some comments :hello:
  6. help plz

    Does anyone know any info or reviews on the bounty hunter challenger ? I just bought mine 3 weeks a beginner at this hobby...just wondering if i made the right choice? thanks and happy hunting
  7. goin out today

    finally after a week of working im taking the kids to the park for awhile and gonna get to use my detector...its been eating at me all week lol.....wish me luck and ill post on anything i find in todays finds ...happy hunting:thumbsup:
  8. coins

    Found some coins but nothing worth anything lol it was just fun to get out and hunt a little bit ....:hello2:
  9. help finding metal detector locations in harrisburg area

    Does anyone know any places i can go with my metal detector in the harrisburg hershey or palmyra area?? Thanks for your help guys and keep on hunting!!!:laughing7: