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  1. Cors fortune or shrew?

    I'm thinking about getting a smaller coil and trying to decide between the fortune or shrew just wondering how they compare to each other for target seperation and sensitivity to small gold/jewelry. I can't decide wich one to get, will be for the t2(comming soon) or minelab ExplorerXS(pawn shop...
  2. Looking for detector buddy in longview/kelso area

    Just returned to the hobby after several years and am looking for a buddy to go hunting with in longview/kelso area. I Only have a bike so can't travel too far but long bike rides are not a problem for me.
  3. New guy with a question about radio interference

    Hello, I'm new here, Have done some metal detecting over the years, not a lot, but enough to know how it works. I was wondering about radio interference to my MD, I am planning to search a local beach where a lot of people go but there may be a potential RFI problem at this location. About 500 -...