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  1. counter fitters of swift times

    Thanks EC ihad forgotten about the Sprinkle dollars.
  2. counter fitters of swift times

    There was another later than Swift time. laken or Lyken not sure of the spelling. if i remember correctly he was in the Grayson/ Greenup area.
  3. counter fitters of swift times

    Sol Mullins is the first one that comes to mind .i know there were several more but the names escape me right at the minute. i think Sol was in Pine Mtn. area Ky/ Va border maybe. hewasyears after Swift time if I understand it right.
  4. Recent rains and flooding may open up or uncover finds lost over time.

    the river at Paintsville crested about 5 ft. above flood stage . Area was it pretty hard and paintsville lake held back a tremendous amount of water, near new record amount. we was without power for 4 days but still fared better than a lot.

    Looks like a good place to spend nights in the winter to me. looks big enough for a good size crew of men as well.
  6. KY Historical Markers

    Mundy had been a captive of the Indians and was suppose to know the area, which would have been a big advantage over an explorer of the area . Mundy was also suppose to known where the silver deposits were from working them. As for 8 to 12 miles a day traveled, figure that to be accurate for a...
  7. munday

    Think if you do a bit of R and I, you might find that the mines on Little Caney are almost perfectly west of the forks of The Sandy at Louisa. Remember longitude and latitude were not real accurate in those days.
  8. KY Historical Markers

    In rereading that Filson Club Quarterly another name came up familiar to magoffin Co. near Mine Fk.. Ophir Dr. Walker was in the area 10 years before Swift legend time frame. Not sure I wouldn't trust local legend more than that of historical society, knowing how people twist stories...
  9. KY Historical Markers

    Lots of info on that site. Like all sites some info inaccurate according to local legend though. Some more info on what was part of Floyd Co. at that point in history. Harman Station (Marker Number: 736) County: Johnson Location: 5 mi. S. of Paintsville, US 23, 460 Description: The first...
  10. Indian waybill to Swift Mines (Revisited)

    Can't speak for the rest of them, but the one on Paint Creek was between two cliffs that was some miles long. It was carved by some brave soul hanging from a rope or grape vine some 30/40 ft. of the ground. I would lean toward a territorial marker.
  11. Indian waybill to Swift Mines (Revisited)

    Could the Little Sandy spoke of in this article actually be Paint Creek in Johnson Co. ?? Refer to post #70 of this thread for article . There was a Crane carving covered by water when they made Paintsville lake.
  12. Thought I’d share

    I have read the story of the silver tomahawk before.
  13. Swift's Mine closed up using masonary

    Mush like the mines I posted pics of last summer, you can walk within 20 yds. of them and have no idea they are even there.
  14. Swift's Mine closed up using masonary

    Hiker: I understand now why you wasn't concerned with what was behind the mortared up wall, you already knew.
  15. Clintwood VA area

    Hiker you mention lead mines, brings a story to mind that I heard years ago about two wagon loads of lead buried in the Hager Hill area during the Civil War. Makes me wonder how much silver might have been in that lead and where it was processed at. But lead melting at a lower temp than silver...
  16. Swift's Mine closed up using masonary

    If it looks like cement, that kind of dates it I guess.
  17. Swift's Mine closed up using masonary

    Great pics. Believe I would have stuck my arm back in the cracks as far as I could and got some pics. Might of been shocked at what ya would have seen.
  18. Swift's Mine closed up using masonary

    Heard a story of a rock house that the back of was walled up with rock and mortar that a guy was using for hogs to shelter in. Said he had no idea how long it had been that way. Said it was that way when he got the land.
  19. Clintwood VA area

    Very interesting. Seems there are a few stories floating around about Mine Fork.
  20. Thought I’d share

    In post #4 on page2 of the pics it says, Beckner locates the mine in Johnson co. on Mine Fork of Little Paint river. I know for a fact that Little Paint Creek is not a river by todays standards and wonder if this wasn't a common mistake made in Swifts Journals as well as Beckners description.