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  1. ✅ SOLVED Machine Part, for....??

    You guys are good! I'd say case is closed. I'll have to go back and see what else I can find. Thanks!
  2. ✅ SOLVED Machine Part, for....??

    Well, I finally got out to do some spring detecting and found this hefty little machine part. It's 4"L x 1.5"H and .75"W and has a greenish tint to it. I'm stumped, but my guess is that is has something to with printing press?, but have no clue. I bet someone will know right away what this is...
  3. 104 degree temp from Pfizer Vaccine

    The vaccine was RUSHED through trials, AND is completely experimental. It will only be effective in reducing symptoms and not prevent you from getting the virus....much like the flu vaccine, which is 20% effective at best, and people still get sick. It's absurd to think they can pinpoint a...
  4. Laws about detecting curb strips (AKA Road Verge) in your area.

    I typically prefer to detect in more private areas myself, but I had a short window to hunt one day, and found 5 wheaties in a 20 yard stretch of sidewalk. Now I'm really interested in hitting those areas, but am fuzzy on the rules for this, and the police were not helpful. I don't mind the...
  5. Laws about detecting curb strips (AKA Road Verge) in your area.

    So I am curious to know if anyone has ran into trouble metal detecting around the curb strips (The area between the sidewalk and street) in your town /city? I have done quite a bit of "Digging" online, and see that these areas are typically considered public property. However, I reached out to...
  6. Fried Coin? Fried Token?

  7. Fried Coin? Fried Token?

    I don't want to damage it...:D
  8. Fried Coin? Fried Token?

    I'm with you, It's probably just a nasty clad quarter. Still curious what the design is then on the tails side? I can't seem to find a match. Thanks guys
  9. Fried Coin? Fried Token?

    Hi all, I am Wondering if someone has an idea what this might be? I am leaning towards it being a FRIED modern quarter, but really can't find any references that match up to the tails side design. It is a fraction smaller than a US quarter, so not sure if this is a token or not. Any help is...
  10. ✅ SOLVED Any thoughts on what this might be?

    Thanks for all the responses, I think I may just call this one solved. It's some sort of household thingamadoodle I guess. The base is more like concrete (Not porcelain) and is flattened, so still a little bit of mystery, but oh well. Onward.
  11. ✅ SOLVED Any thoughts on what this might be?

    Well, I was metal detecting a field near Ann Arbor Michigan and pulled this out from about 10" deep. No idea what it is so looking for I.D. help. It is metal attached to stone and appears to have 2 set screw like holes on it. it is 2" tall top to bottom and is 1" wide at the base (Widest). It is...
  12. What the heck did I find?

    Thank you Thanks for the warm welcome, and for the responses so far! Very helpful to get your perspectives. I was in an area that runs along a large creek, and has been marked on some old 1800's maps as a place where two main Indian trails converged. So I guess I just assumed this might be an...
  13. What the heck did I find?

    Absolutely! I was in a hurry to get this item posted. haha Thank you
  14. What the heck did I find?

    Hi All, I am brand new to this site, and to metal detecting in general, and need some help identifying a possible artifact. I found this object while digging a signal near a creek in Michigan. However, this object fell out of the hole I was digging and is NOT metal! It appears to be made from...