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  1. 💵 FOR SALE 2.5 gram gold nugget/quartz speciman

    I found this using my minelab gold monster 1000 in a wash. (deleted for rule violation)
  2. this weekends Find. Nice quartz with gold and two little pickers as well

    Was out this weekend and found this nice sized Quartz with gold in it. It may not have a whole lot of gold but it sure is nice.
  3. 2.5 gram specimen what a find

    I was out in the wash I have been metal detecting with my gold monster 1000. When I found this and a .8 gram nugget. This wash in Arizona just can not stop giving up the gold total of 6 grams of gold I have pulled from it.
  4. Gold Monster 1000 registerd loud showing gold

    If anybody has any thoughts I found a 17oz rock. I broke up yesterday that registered gold on my monster 1000. In both settings here is some pictures before and after breaking it up. No visible gold seen. It looks like Pyrite to me but have not heard of pyrite setting monster 1000 off in gold...
  5. What I found today any help monster 1000 showed it as being gold

    I found this in a wash at about 12-15 inches deep. Have pulled out 15 little gold nuggets out of this wash. This one weighed 17 oz. Here is a picture of it on the scale and what it looked like. And here is what it looks like on the inside. I do not know if it is pyrite. But I do not think...
  6. Great finds in 150feet of a wash.

    Out with my gold monster 1000 detecting a wash I started working that is 1.8 miles long. This is what I found this past weekend. 9 little pickers funny thing is was in rocks but did not detect as gold. Detected a signal but not gold. And dug these out.
  7. Take a look and tell me what you think

    I was recently in a area and found a number of rocks I had just put in my pockets at the time and just broke them up this past weekend. Have a look at the pictures and tell me if you think it is gold. My tub is 4 inches round and 5 inches deep thick with material. I think it is all loaded with...
  8. Mica veins found. Multiple veins could be all linked

    Hello all, I have been prospecting on BLM land close to a mine site about 3 miles away. I have come across 1st mica vein that yeilded about 29 oz of mica. Not counting what I did not pull out in smaller pieces. I am going to assume it is mica because of the thin layers and it being flakey. This...
  9. Vein found going after deeper

    Hello everybody, I was out yesterday up the side of the mountain and came across this vein with coloration on the quartz’s. So I dug up about a foot of it. I did not come across gold nuggets but may today when I go back. So far I have about a 1.5 foot wide by 1 foot height. Lots of flakey...
  10. Help me identify

    Hello, I found this when I was prospecting and trying to find out what it may be. I can not remember if the equinox 800 registered the item. I believe it did. Here is some pictures of it. It has a smooth surface to it. I have placed it next to a iPhone 10.
  11. Minelab 800 anybody have issues.

    Hello been gold prospecting in the same 10 mile radius for about the last 10 times out. Have found lots of gold bearing rocks in the area. But have only been able to prospect from about 6 am till 10-10:30 am. Because I have had the minelab 800 start being unreliable. It will hit a 12-14 in gold...
  12. Hard rock mining. Crushing gold bearing rocks to 50 mesh.

    I have been prospecting in several locations around one mountain. Have pulled about 200 lbs of gold bearing rocks out. I have crushed up 25% to 50 mesh and have run it through a blue bowl. But I see there is still gold going through. I have capured about 2 grams I believe so far. I can not...