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  1. Tesoros New Detector Name Is

    Tesoro's New Detector Name Is "CAZADOR" Posted on Tesoro's Facebook Page and Finds: Here is what I have: "Greetings, Hunters! In November, we published a selection of names for our new machine. You voted, we tallied, and the verdict is "Cazador." Cazador means "Hunter" in Spanish. Many of...
  2. Metal Detecting Simulator Game

    Best Metal Detecting Game I have played, Kind of like a Simulator, allowing the ability to listen to the tones. 7 Metal Detectors including: Minelab 705 Tesoro Euro Sabre 2 Garrett's ? Whites ? Fisher ? XP Adventis 2 ? Rutus ? MDG - WEB game Android Version: Search Play Store for...
  3. What do you want in the next Tesoro Models?

    Folks, Tesoro is reaching out to their customer base. Join the discussion with the features you would like to see for upcoming models at the official thread: Customer Feedback Or post the features you would like to see here.
  4. Newly Designed Stealth 720i Scoop

    Whatcha think?
  5. Tesoro Golden Umax Chattering Issue?

    Today I took out my new to me Golden Umax for the first time. I purchased it on feebay, and it arrived yesterday. Went to a tot lot/ picnic area and was doing a good job at finding trash, around the hour of use mark, it just started like going off and chattering? adjusting the sensitivity and...