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  1. Breast Plate - finally found one!

    Nice find... Congrats!
  2. Lunch break hot spot, 3 Mercs in 16 minutes, video too!!!

    Congrats... Good little silver haul.
  3. Okla ghost towns

    Has anyone metal detected out in the old town that you know of!
  4. 1864 2 cent piece

    Great finds... Two center is on my want list.
  5. Richmond style spur

    Nice find
  6. my first barber dime

    Congrats on the first!
  7. 2nd Hunt Today Is Even Better Than The 1st!

    Great finds... Congrats!!!
  8. 1912 barber dime 1918 buff nic military buttons

    Great looking Barber! Congrats!
  9. First silver coin!

    Congrats on the first!!!
  10. Detecting Michigan i found a civil war token

    Sweet token!!! Congrats
  11. My first seated and Union officers button

    Congrats... Gotta love that 5x8 to pick through stuff and pull out the goods!
  12. First True Silver Coin! 1946 Roosevelt Dime

    Congrats on your first silver!!!

    Great job on the research! It really paid off for you, Congrats!
  14. My best day detecting yet! 10 Silvers!

    Nice Hunt... Congrats!
  15. today brings my oldest silver ever a new first & a barrel of much needed relaxation!

    Looks like a good hunt to me!!! Any multi silver day is a GOOD day in my book! Congrats :icon_thumright:
  16. Its about trime!

    BIG Congrats... Great shape that is for sure! On my to dig list!!!
  17. First civil war button!!

    Congrats... Nice that you could tell what it was as well. I got my first CW button about a month ago, but you can't tell what it is. Congrats on the first again!
  18. Silver quarter and dime today

    I will take a multi silver day anytime. Congrats :icon_thumright:
  19. Gold in the hole!!

    Great Looking Ring... That one has some age on it. Congrats!!!