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  1. 1852 gold coin! !!! (beware. May be a Lie)

    Congratulations on these great finds!
  2. New Civil War hunt

    I might be interested. I live in northeastern Kentucky ......close to Grayson, KY. I'm about 50 miles from the Huntington Mall. PM me.
  3. Day at Kentucky Lake

    I live on Grayson Lake at the other end of the state. Kids around here jump off the cliffs ........ the largest is supposed to be 90+ feet high and we usually life-flight 2 or 3 out each summer. They hit the water wrong and it's usually a broken bone or back injury. I probably would have done...
  4. anyone ever make a "target stick"?

    Thanks everyone!
  5. anyone ever make a "target stick"?

    Several years ago when I bought my White's MXT the dealer had a "target stick" that he used to demonstrate the machine. It was several black plastic strips that had targets attached (glued?) to the end. A different target on each strip. I have a friend who just bought a new machine and is having...
  6. Found my first Shield Nickel!

    Super cool........ especially since it ties to your family! Congrats!
  7. Found my first Shield Nickel!

    Super cool........ especially since it ties to your family! Congrats!
  8. new sheath for garrett digger

    I built leather concealed carry holsters and here is what I made for my Lesche and my Garrett pinpointer. Find someone who does custom leather close to you and have them make you one if it is something you like. I hope I can figure out how to attach the photo. LOL!
  9. How To Get Maximum Depth/Performance From Your AT Pro/AT Gold

    Thanks for the great info! I just got my ATP and very anxious to try it out. I have been using a White's MXT for the past few years and had decided to get the ATP for water hunting but one of my hunting buddies got one and I have been very impressed with his finds. Going out to assemble the ATP...
  10. KY PI

    Hey Digitall......I'm the other guy besides ECMason who is from Elliott Co. I stopped in your...

    Hey Digitall......I'm the other guy besides ECMason who is from Elliott Co. I stopped in your shop before Christmas and am interested in a water machine. I'm leaning towards an AT Pro in the spring but had heard that White's was coming out with one. I want to hunt creeks and streams in Elliott...
  11. Greetings from Kentucky!

    Welcome from Northeastern Kentucky!
  12. Anyone use the Sunray Probe?

    I have one on my MXT PRO and love it! I don't think I get as much depth as you guys but I get all I need.....never really measured to see how far it went.
  13. MXT Pro coil choice

    I love the 6x10 coil but use the 5.3 coil alot in really trashy areas. I would really like to try a sef coil cause I really hear great things about them!
  14. Axe head ID. Civil War?

    My grandfather had one that he told me had belonged to his grandfather who was a carpenter. He never told me anything else about it but it had to be old because my grandfather was born in the 1890's and the tool had been his grandfather's. I wish I knew what happened to it. Very cool!
  15. D Handle Shovel for Winter Digging

    I think the type of shovel I use is called a drain shovel. I originally used it when I had a dozer to clean the mud from around the tracks before it froze or got packed in. It had a long narrow blade and a metal D handle. I sold the dozer but kept the shovel and used an angle grinder to cut down...
  16. New From Kentucky

    Welcome from another Kentucky boy......... I live in Northeastern Kentucky on Grayson Lake.
  17. Found this in the woods........( Deer hunting results, ignore if easily offended )

    Congrats to you and your daughter!
  18. New From Kentucky Hi All:))

    Hello from a fellow Kentuckian! I'm from Northeastern close to Grayson Lake. HH!
  19. Pike County Kentucky

    I'm just up north of you all.......I live in Elliott County between Grayson and Sandy Hook, KY. My main interest is relic hunting and I'm currently researching Union General George Morgan's retreat from the Pound Gap with his 10,000 troops. He fought CSA Col John Hunt Morgan's 1000 troops all...
  20. Silver, Wheatys, Rings and Tokens! Finally a good weekend!

    Congrats on your finds! I'll try to call you this week about a place we need to hunt soon......already got permission!