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  1. universal laws

    1 Law of Mechanical Repair - After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you'll have to pee. 2 Law of Gravity - Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner. 3 Law of Probability - The probability of being watched is...
  2. nagging

    WHAT do YOU have to say for yourself?
  3. Pawn Stars

    Geeeeeeez... The daughter (ashley) gets on my nerves! She talks a million miles an hours and it sounds like ME ME ME ME! I couldnt work beside her without telling her what I think! :dontknow: I meant Hardcore Pawn.... :wink:
  4. Hey you guys!!!

    I posted this photo of a turtle about a month ago under My Daily Snapshot and asked for you all to add your own caption. It will probably get more looks here! My brother snapped this photo!
  5. question

    Is there any place here on TNET for fishing lures? I've looked everywhere! Maybe I've missed it? HELP!!
  6. Question

    So if i had a theory on the uses of bannerstones and related artifacts, and i wanted to present it to the public, but didnt want to just (throw) it out there before all the research and proof was done, WHO/WHERE would I go to? This problematical artifact has had my interest for many years, and...
  7. Turtle

    Don't know what this turtle was doing... maybe choking on something! Add a caption for fun!
  8. My favorite from 2010

    Found in North Central Ohio (Willard) last year. I've never kept records on my finds, but can remember 99% of the time where I've found them over the last 20 some years! Anyone want to venture a guess on this one?
  9. Funnel Cloud?

    This a swarm of bugs flying over the garage last night.... It looked like a funnel cloud at times swirling and rotating!
  10. Vulture snacking

    This turkey vulture was eating a snake that got ran over by a car!
  11. Pestle

    I believe I have a pestle here that may have been another tool before it got to this stage. It has some super polish around 95% of the tool, especially on the (bit/tapered) end, and all the way up to the (hafting/break?) area. I think Bsit1361 just posted a similiar pestle/tool minus the...
  12. any ideas?

    Found in north central ohio....
  13. Gorget/Pendant ?

    A friend of mine found this while tilling his garden in Wakeman, Ohio! Other half should be out there!
  14. falcon and eagle

    my brother is getting into photography last few years. check these out!
  15. Eagle

    My brother has really stepped up his interest in wildlife photography lately! This pic is of a bald eagle just taking flight from a branch!
  16. Question

    Has anyone ever had any luck getting permission to hunt artifacts on Amish farmers/peoples property? I've seen many places in central southern ohio that should produce multitudes of artifacts, but I just have this feeling that the guy would stare at me and walk away if i asked! ????????????????
  17. falcon

    My brother took this pic up here in northern Ohio. Falcon gets him a Teal for lunch!
  18. garden tips

    The last 5 years i've been doing tomatoes and peppers in 5 gallon buckets. This year i plan on a 20' by 20' garden! My question is this! Is it safe to put the dogs feces in the garden for fertilizer? My other half is totally against it, and i half some mixed feelings about it. When we were kids...
  19. celt

    Hardstone celt found in north central ohio in 1999. 4 15/16" long. has slight hafting 3" from bit. hard to get a pic.
  20. Grandpa

    ONe of my grandpa's died before i was born, the other died when i was about 1. So i never really knew them, but if this guy is anything like me, he would of been my grandpa! LOL