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  1. Dust covers for the Legend

    I have the Sly's for my Deus and ORX remotes. They definitely work well but I wish the clear plastic material was a little looser because the recessed buttons more difficult to press.
  2. Observations made in the 1.10 Beta Test Versions and Coil question

    I agree. Each time there have been big updates the Legend always seems like it performs significantly better. In V1.10 so far of the 9 updates, 5 were major feature additions. In v1.09 there were 8 major feature additions out of 16 total updates. I'm seeing less and less difference between the...
  3. Which Detector?

    Whenever someone asks this question on T-Net I take cover under a desk and put a pillow over my head.
  4. how old is everyone here?

    I can't believe I never posted on this thread. I was 40 when it started and now I'm 58. It's amazing how this hobby has changed in the last 18 years.
  5. Observations made in the 1.10 Beta Test Versions and Coil question

    I've only got several hours on v.1.10 beta 2 and one of them was tonight before I got driven back into my car because of freezing fingers. I was at a high EMI park, and I usually have to search around on any machine to find a clear channel, it's even hard to get away from the EMI bleed-over on...
  6. LG 24 - 9.5x6 inch coil

    Yes, the depth is utterly amazing and the other thing that impresses me is it's separation. Last week I was using v1.10 for the first time and the 6" in an extremely trashy area of one of my parks. The grass has a solid layer of trash, iron, and foil in the first couple of inches. In a 6'x6'...
  7. Minelab Manticore For Gold Nug Shooting ?What’s the scoop

    I wouldn't buy the Manticore for it's gold prospecting abilities. All the testing being done is on it's coin, jewelry, and relic-hunting abilities. I'm getting the 900 because the Equinox is proven on gold nuggets. I'm thinking that the Manticore needs another year to shake out the bugs and by...
  8. LG 24 - 9.5x6 inch coil

    One test isn't conclusive and for some reason, almost nobody is testing the LG24 or the LG30. The 24 has the same width as the 15, so the depth is going to be comparable. The length of the LG24 is 3.5" longer so the increased ground noise might be a factor too. Another reason that the LG15 could...
  9. At last my sadness is disappearing a new hope

    Yes, I know the GMT is digital but Whites attached those better components of the 24k to an interface that took away the adjustability that the GMT has with knobs and switches.
  10. New 1.10 update Beta Version

    So if I'm understanding the changes right, you can only access BC rejection in multi. Then does that mean you can only access the Ground Suppressor in single freq? The instructions for accessing both filters are the same.
  11. At last my sadness is disappearing a new hope

    The 24K was and still is a mediocre gold machine. When Whites came out with the 24K, they still had the GMT in their catalog. I couldn't believe that they were trying to convince people to buy a digital piece of junk when they still were selling one of the best VLF gold machines ever made, the...
  12. Locking keypad for water use

    I've never tried it yet, but I interpreted it as, "hold the down button for three seconds."
  13. Legend?

    I always just do an auto GB every once in a while. Unless your ground is changing step-by-step, you don't really need tracking. If you're chasing whispy, elusive signals tracking can make you lose targets.
  14. Best detector under 550.00

    Special pricing right now on the Legend is under $600. Since I've had mine this year I've never found so many coins and so much jewelry and relics. I'm going to buy the 13" coils for my Legend and Deus with part of my coin take.
  15. Sometimes, those hidden treasures have to be reimagined,

    I like the rough finish that you left on it. Most of the tool-restoring video's that you see put a mirror finish on the tool, which is nice but it's more suited to hanging on the wall.
  16. 9.5 x 5 elliptical DD high frequency coil

    I use the 9.5 x 5 elliptical with the HOT program preferably at 31khz, but if there's bad EMI I'll run it at 14khz or lower. The higher frequency seems to make the coin targets really pop out in my soil. The 9.5 x 5 elliptical isn't a deep-seeking coil, so you're really getting great target...
  17. Bonding With Legend

    The "Target ID Bible" is a great video! Because of the wide range of the VDI's for gold targets, I'm finally understanding that the Legend seems to process the impurities first then the gold content. So you can have anything from a 7 all the way up to a 51. Back in the single beep days, you'd...
  18. Nokta Legend Cheat Sheet

    I printed out the changes in v1.09 on a piece of paper and keep it in a pocket in my finds pouch. I haven't had to refer to it in a while except for FD. Some of the pathways aren't that intuitive. This cheat sheet will help new users. 👍
  19. Nokta Legend external battery

    Try unplugging it and plugging it back in, that might help to reset the charging circuit. You can also try connecting to your Legend and letting it charge the internal battery for a while, then plug it back onto the wall charger again. If these things don't help it may be a defective lithium...
  20. My Take On the Legend

    I noticed that wobble also but on mine, it's because I extend the bottom section too far. Nokta needs to come out with a "Tallman" middle shaft for The Legend.