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  1. FS: Explorer SE Package

    Really Nice Explorer SE Package for sale: Everything new or as new, 3 yrs. old, used twice. Bad knee, I was hoping it would get better, it's not. Explorer SE w/ 11" DD coil, cover Stealth x-5 w/ lower carbon rod, w/cover - new Stealth x-8 w/ lower carbon rod, w/cover - used Sef 12x15 w/ lower...
  2. Nice Scoop

    Anyone looking for a nice stainless steel sand scoop at a reasonable price, check out Pro stock Detectors. Got mine today. Nice design and workmanship and I don't think you can beat the Price
  3. Need help

    Would like to talk with someone in southern Utah: St. George, Cedar City area. Thanks, Pete
  4. Need help

    Would like to talk to someone in Northern Arizona, need some information. Thanks, Pete
  5. Electroscope by Thomas

    Need info or review if you have one or have used one