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    Great find! Congratulations!
  2. Couple of flat buttons today. (Colonial?)

    The dime is just there for size reference. The larger flat copper button has the eyelet broken off on the back, but as you can see the smaller button is intact. Thanks for viewing!
  3. 1808 Draped Bust 1/2 Cent dug today.

    Here is the best shot I could get of the back. There is detail, but difficult to read because of the mineral buildup.
  4. 1808 Draped Bust 1/2 Cent dug today.

    Not sure of the value or grading of this coin, but its my first 1/2 cent ever and I found it with my Garrett AT Pro.
  5. My first 1/2 cent!

    Hey Pete! I finally went over late today to test my inexperience with the Garrett AT Pro. One wheat cent and this 1808 half cent. The 1/2 cent is showing it age, but I think it's in pretty good shape considering it's 204 years old. The property owner was up at the VA cemetery today so I...
  6. My first 1/2 cent!

    Finally got time to hunt a property that I've wanted to hunt for a long time. Got permission months ago and today was the day. My first coin was a wheat cent and my second an 1808 1/2 cent! I've never even seen on before until today. Had to Google it for correct ID. Thank you Garrett AT...
  7. My first and only request on map dowsing!

    Many thanks for the scan Red_desert. Actually, the red x on the left lower was an old sand pit converted to a ball field. The red x lower just right of center is where a post office used to be. There are no marking on the cemetery which is next to the house on the left lower with tree shadows...
  8. My first and only request on map dowsing!

    Fairly new here on the forum and I discovered a message concerning map dowsing and found it fascinating. I have an area close to where I grew up that dates back into the early 1700's. In the lower left of this photo is a cemetery that dates to the late 1600's where there was also a Quaker...
  9. Wow! . . . DE Forum is dead?

    I was hunting in Dover today, I didn't see you! *LOL* Good thing or you would have seen me dig a lot of trash. I was over at Silver Lake & Dover Park.
  10. Where to get best deal on at pro package with 2 coils ?

    Give Bart from Big Boy's Hobbies a call. He always answers his phone and he gave me a better price on my AT Pro and free shipping!
  11. Ok i know your out there i see you on the beaches

    Greetings from Kent County! I see your post was from January 2012, but maybe your still out there. Last time I was at Rehoboth after a March noreaster I found a gold ring everyday for three days straight. Haven't been to the beach lately and have heard lots about Coin Beach, but really not...
  12. Hello from Delaware

    Welcome Jim to Treasure Net! I am also from Delaware and a fairly new member myself. I live in Clayton and there is lots of history here. Oldest find was a badly worn 1787 Conn. cent and a 1897 U.S. buckle. It's dated on the back of the buckle with manufacturer. It's Spanish American War...
  13. Just ordered my Garrett AT Pro from Big Boys Hobbies!

    Hey Ace350! Thanks for the gift. Great info!
  14. Just ordered my Garrett AT Pro from Big Boys Hobbies!

    Wasn't going to get another detector because of bad knees, but when I told my wife I had my Fisher sold she decided she needed some things like a new purse, shoes, clothes, and....well, you know the rest of the story. I am an artist & wildlife photographer and have all the gear I need so I...
  15. Just ordered my Garrett AT Pro from Big Boys Hobbies!

    I am so thankful that a member on this forum recommended a metal detector dealer to me that is so knowlegable about the machines he sells and one that I can honestly say I trust completely. Recently I ordered that Garrett Pro Pinpointer and a Lesche digger from Not only...
  16. Greetings from the First State - Delaware!

    Hello fellow detectorists! My name is Jerry Hull and I live in Clayton, Delaware. I have been detecting off and on for over 30 years. First detector was a White's TR2DB and believe it or not, found lots of nice finds because you had to dig everything. Simply just a transmit and receive type...
  17. Just received Garret Pro Pointer & Lesche digger from Big Boys Hobbies

    Hey guys just wanted to pass along to you my pleasant ordering experience from Bart at Big Boys Hobbies. He was referred to me right here on this forum and I couldn't be happier with my purchases. Great price and speedy shipping. I will be using Big Boys Hobbies for all my metal detecting...
  18. Just won a AT PRO !!!!

    That's great! Congratulations!
  19. Any special sales on Garrett Pro Pinpointer?

    Seems everyone has the same price on the Garrett Pro Pinpointer (must be minimum set price by the manufacturer), but wondering if there is or will be any sales promotions on this product. Thanks, Jerry Hull Delaware