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  1. Citrine or quartz or Please help Identify.

    Thank you Tamrock for your reply and help. It was greatly appreciated. I look for Native American artifacts most of the time . I just decided that while i was looking not to pass up other odd or pretty stones , so Im a newbie at gemstones.
  2. Citrine or quartz or Please help Identify.

    I found this and a few others while looking for arrow heads near Uvalde Tx . Im new to the gemstone Identification. It is 1" 1/2 x 1" wide. It does has something visable inside of it. Has a light yellow line through the center . The top and bottom of it you can see through when you hold it up...
  3. Rock painting info please?

    It came from a riverbed rock quarry that sells rock for landscaping ect in the Del Rio Texas area. Rio grand river. The red is faded on it . I did a little adjusting on the pic when I took the picture to try an make out the scene better. A few others with similiar type red on them but not...
  4. Rock painting info please?

    I found this rock with red painting on it. It came from Del Rio area . I found this and several other tool paintings and carvings . I would like to know the meaning of this , and age if anyone knows ? It is 2" 1/2 x 1" 1/2 . :4leafclover: