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  1. Looking for a new detector. Need help.

    I don't really have a limit in mind, but I also don't want to spend excessively if the benefit isn't there if that makes sense. I will use it mostly in dirt than in sand.
  2. Looking for a new detector. Need help.

    I currently have a Garrett Ace 250 and it's served me well to this point. My wife bought it for me a few years ago and I'm fairly successful with it (I've never found a silver coin but I did find a few silver rings and a gold bracelet once). I'm trying to figure out if it's worth upgrading to...
  3. It took just over 200,000 cents, but I finally got a nice one.

    It was a 1974-S, but it was so beat up you could only tell it was a proof by looking between the letters.
  4. It took just over 200,000 cents, but I finally got a nice one.

    I know they come in proof sets. I've found about a dozen proof dimes, 5 proof nickels, 9 proof quarters, etc., but I rarely find proof pennies. It just seems odd to me with the volume of pennies that I've searched I'd find so few in relation to other denominations.
  5. It took just over 200,000 cents, but I finally got a nice one.

    After searching just over $2000 in cents, I finally found a nice proof, a 1978-S in a $50 bag. Not sure why proof pennies are so rare. I've found several nickel, dime, quarter, and half proofs, but this is my first nice cent proof (I found one other that was barely recognizable as a proof so it...
  6. Does anyone get these boxes?

    That's a Garda box for me.
  7. 6251 - The inspector from hell

    I don't think these are inspector numbers, I think they are lot numbers. I've been keeping track of these numbers for about a year now and they continually rise. Also, boxes with similar numbers have had similar results, good and bad, leading me to believe that they are wrapped and boxed around...
  8. Awesome Box of Nickels (1914 Buffalo and 1884 V Nickel)

    This might be the best box of nickels I've had in a long time. I found a 1943-P war nickel, a beautiful 1914 buffalo, and two V Nickels dated 1884 and 1906. Unfortunately, the 1884 V Nickel has seen better days and the buffalo nickel is in major need of some cleaning. Does anyone know of a way...
  9. V nicks showing up lately?

    This is weird, I just found 2 V nickels (1884, 1906) in the same box today.
  10. Are AU proofs worth much?

    I've found several AU proofs while CRH (about 15), but how much are they worth? Obviously since they've been circulated they have some minor scrapes and scratches, but still have a great look about them.
  11. Partially plated zinc pennies?

    I'm a chem teacher. There is no acid that reacts with copper but not with zinc. Also, you can plate zinc onto copper in a chem lab, but it happen uniformly not starting in the center and working outwards.
  12. Partially plated zinc pennies?

    So I was searching a bag of dimes tonight and came across not one but two pennies that I think are errors. It appears to me that they are only partially plated zinc pennies. Both are 1999-D and have pretty decent detail. It doesn't look like they copper was worn off or that it's PMD. What are...
  13. What are the funniest things you have heard from a teller or someone about coins

    Funniest thing I remember, before I was a CRH but still collected coins, was when I over heard a group of people talking about war time nickels. One of the guys in the group said that the silver nickels were worth $10,000 a piece and very rare.
  14. 1976 Stamped Penny...

    That's funny, I found one of those this week, but 1984.
  15. Plated war nickels.

    They are definitely plated. I've found a few quarters like this and the reeding has no visible copper. I believe they are mercury plated. It gives a very shiny look to coins.
  16. How Do Credit Unions Work?

    So I've been CRH for about a year now and it has been so much fun. I've found so many keepers and filled so many spots in my books. I owe a lot of credit to those on this forum who have helped me and given advice. I never lived anywhere near a credit union (nearest is 30 miles away, a little far...
  17. A first, and a great find (for me)

    Diver Down, I don't think it's a mint error. It could be but I think it most likely from a science experiment. What you do in place a penny in a heated solution of zinc powder and sodium hydroxide. This will plate the penny with zinc. You then place the penny in the flame of a Bunsen burner for...
  18. Coin machine bags?

    I would buy the bags. That's what I do and it works out great. The averages are much higher than boxes in my experience. Where I get my bags from I offer to roll the coins for them if they want it done or make sure that the bags contain the correct amount of change (anything to keep the bags...
  19. where the buffalos roam.

    I find 1 Buffalo every 108 rolls on average so it will take you 21.6 boxes to find 10 more or 25.92 to find a dozen more. Good luck and HH.