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  1. 1943 Epiphone Zenith

    Just saw where some answered my question. The USN is under the clear coat he actually find it at the Norfolk Naval yard junkyard. A local appraiser gave an insurance value of $5300. He offered me $4700 for it, it has a natural spruce arch top with curly maple sides and back with the original...
  2. Advanced users guide

    How do I find an advanced users guide.
  3. Spectra V3I or VX3 - Looking for guidance

    The 5 coins to ten coins sounds like operator error. The experience with the machine comment you made was spot on.
  4. NEWBIE: Spectra V3i or Minelab E-Trac?

    Idk if you bought the detector yet but I have the V3i and love it, it was my first machine and until I got to reading every post I could find on every forum I was pulling my hair out. But it is the best machine on the market. I also have the Mxsport and it is awesome as well. I hunt beside atpro...
  5. MX Sport finds!

    Nice day awesome flask
  6. If you've owned and MX SPort

    I have the mxsport and it tears up every atp that try's to keep up. The mxsport goes deeper for sure, but I haven't had a chance to try it at the beach yet heading to Myrtle at the end of summer. I know it's a long time but if you get a chance buy the sport
  7. Curious but I really don't grok it at all???

    Gold doesn't stick to a magnet but the iron box it was stored in does
  8. Safari att

    I have a xxxxxxxx
  9. Mxsport 14" cannonball

    I want one even more now that someone else got one with my detector. It's only a matter of time.
  10. 10inch DD OR 13 inch detech Ultimate DD

    I'm with you but I haven't used my 10" since about hunt three with the detech 13". They both have there place
  11. Mxsport 14" cannonball

    I went detecting last week in north central wv with a couple guys. One of them was having coil trouble so I loaned him my Mxsport, my V3i is my go to machine. He kept getting jumpy depth and was about to give up, he's still learning I told him I would come check it out it sounded bigger than a...
  12. V3i went blank

    Did you try taking the machine apart? I had the same problem a wire connection was loose, I plugged it in and has worked ever since.
  13. MX Sport videos?

    I understand the bananas video was stupid, but I have the new version of the mx sport and love it. This machine is picking out good and multiple signals where I have been over many times. the mx sport is no toy and you will love it if you try it.
  14. Considering the MX Sport

    I have a mxs and love it. My first machine screen cracked so I sent it back they sent a new one the second unit too was a first edition and had a cracked screen so whites in September sent me the newly reworked mxs you can't compare the atp to the mxs. The mxs goes deeper and is more sensitive...
  15. Button, bale seal, or dress weight?

    Thanks I figured someone would have an idea
  16. Button, bale seal, or dress weight?

    It's standing out but good thought
  17. Button, bale seal, or dress weight?

    Do you you think civil war or rev war it's definitely a federal eagle?
  18. Button, bale seal, or dress weight?

    Open the picture of the face and you can see an eagle clutching arrows. I just thought that it was to intricate a detail to carve.
  19. Button, bale seal, or dress weight?

    I found this object with civil war and colonial era finds in an area with a lot of civil war action. I have not found anything like it, I've been told it's everything from a button to trench art. I have no idea any help is appreciated.
  20. V3i went blank

    My V3i did the same thing last year, I had a spare machine so I put it up when I got it home I took it apart and the ribbon was loose hasn't done it since. I'm sure the $70 fee was just a heads up of what it could cost you'll probably get the machine and no bill.