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  1. JW Fisher 8x never used......

    Picked up a never used JW Fisher 8x with everything but the headphones for $25.00 :headbang: I will add it to my collection.
  2. End Cap Set Screws? Here is a link to the correct size if anyone needs some?
  3. End Cap Set Screws?

    Anyone know the size and length of the stainless steel set screws that hold the end caps into the main body of the Excalibur?
  4. What are my options for cracked wires?

    Yes I would love the info as I know it's just a matter of time before the rest goes.
  5. What are my options for cracked wires?

    I just pulled my Excalibur 1000 out of the closet to find the coil wires all cracked close to main housing. Im thinking of a better coil at this point and I have seen quick disconnects. Will the quick disconnects work at max rated depths of the unit? or would hard wiring like stock work better...
  6. A Thing of Beauty! Minelab Excalibur Rod By Plugger!

    that 3 piece is on my list of things to get next!
  7. Lost sunken gambling ship reappears

    Sorry to burst everyone bubble but there is no treasure on this ship! I have been going to this spot since the early 80's it was more visible then and here is where everyone gets that its loaded with treasure from. Lifetime Local Bruce Johnson Finds $410,000 in Silver Coins from S.S. Monte Carlo...
  8. the second part treasure of the atocha

    You had me going till the part of "the winning of hilary clinton"!
  9. Some Help with ID?

    Yes Brady that is a great possibility the more I read and it says its the most copied coin out there! Is there some obvious markings that would indicate its a fake that anyone sees off hand, well besides the type of coin it is?
  10. Some Help with ID?

    I picked this up last week from a guy who usually only sells US coins and he said this was in a lot he bought but did not have any info on it? So im trying to figure out the date, and where I would think there should be a P it appears to be a letter F? does anyone know what the F represents? And...
  11. SandShark instructions

    Sorry poor visibility photo but it is what it is some times? Today I had the chance to show and instruct a new young diver who was 11 years old on how to use a metal detector under water but not just any detector but a Tesoro SandShark. And he loved it! this photo was in about 15 feet of water...
  12. Opinions on DPVs.

    I have had a Torpedo 3500 DPV for about 10 years now and it works great for me!
  13. Shipwreck diving at its very best

    He has a new book coming out called Pirate Hunters that looks good? Robert Kurson « The Official Website of Author Robert Kurson
  14. What is a realistic Price for an excalibur II 10"?

    Are you talking New or Used?
  15. How is the beach detecting in San Diego ?

    Pacific Beach, La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores are a few good places after a crowd. I usually go early or late to beat the crowds at our busy beaches down here.
  16. Keys Dive Guide "Galleon Hunter" series

    I so want to dive some of those wrecks!!!
  17. Heads up in So Cal (stolen Deus)

    I will keep an eye out as well!
  18. Fake A&$ Sand Shark!

    She did remove the item stating wrong info!
  19. Lake Michigan Wreck.

    'Holy grail' of shipwrecks found? | Fox News
  20. Looking For Advice on Wetsuit Purchase

    Yes I would say Dry Suit as well!