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  1. plants/shrubs/trees that grow near or where gold is?

    Hello all :) I'd say I'm still a rookie at finding gold, I somewhat know the type of soil to look in around CA, all ask in another post to be certain. I recently found out that there are plants/shrubs/trees that like to grow where gold is found. I live in California and I was wondering if anyone...
  2. what type of crystal is this?

    Thanks Goldwasher! Have you ever thought about writing a book for rocks and minerals in California? I just bought 2 in hopes that it will help me identify rocks.
  3. what type of crystal is this?

    California El Dorado County ��
  4. what type of crystal is this?

    Where can I go looking for garnet, vesuvienite, and Olivine in Georgetown? I remember you told me something about the green Quartz but I forgot to write it down. Thanks again! =)
  5. What is this rock?

    I was going to say geoid, but I looked at the image closet and it now looks like granite, if I'm not mistaken gold can be found with granite.
  6. Can anyone identify this mineral?

    I'd say fire agate, yay I'm learning to notice fire agate =D I replied to a couple posts with a similar look to your rock, there more new, go check them out to compare =)
  7. Need help identifying this beautiful and mysterious "ROCK"

    I want to say a vary polished dirty quartz rock, but I'm not a rock expert, how heavy is it? What's it smell like?
  8. Just a quartz rock i busted with a lot of minerials.

    That looks a lot like what I find in my yard, I'd crush and sample it by paning it to see if there is gold, I still have a bunch to crush and sample �� I just figured out how to actually find gold and property pan for it about 3 weeks ago =p it took me a year! I was teaching my...
  9. Can someone please help this rock rookie..

    My first thought was fire agates.
  10. what type of crystal is this?

    I have had someone answer this question before but I can't find the information again =( I'm finding this rock a lot where I gold pan, but normally it's pretty hard to find. It's quartz with green in it? Also There can be green crystals, is it staining of some sort?
  11. tiny green bubbly black strip pebble? and green quartz?

    I can see the bean in what you posted =p it's been a bit since I have replied back, I have the bean looking thing in a vial with water and it has not sprouted lol, someone else said that siver can leave a green staining, I think he said silver =p I'd have to check.
  12. diging to bed rock?

    That's what I thought, I did some research before asking though, random thought, wouldn't it be neat dig up a mammoth tusk? XD thanks for all the info to, where I am? I really don't know how far down bed rock is, I live right by a caved in mine, I did inspect some rocks and it's quarts and tan...
  13. diging to bed rock?

    I'm down to dig at your spot! I'm down to dig at the spot your talking about, I bought a earth auger as well to help me not have to dig so much XD I plan to get an electric one as well, All msg you and give you my number 👍
  14. diging to bed rock?

    Hello, I seek some info on how far down bedrock would be in my general area, I live near the Placerville Cameron park area, the land I live on has red mineralized dirt, and It does not take long to dig till I hit brownish tan clay, I know lotus river is at bedrock but I was hoping I don't have...
  15. tiny green bubbly black strip pebble? and green quartz?

    I do definitely live where I find green in quartz rocks, I have a sample I can show you, I dug down to clay. A seed? Really? Hmm all see if I can poke a needle through the seed =p if not then all plant it in some dirt and see if it grows lol, if it doesn't then I'd say it's a odd looking rock...
  16. tiny green bubbly black strip pebble? and green quartz?

    Today I ran a slush but did not get to finish because it got dark, but I found these 2 things that stuck out at me, what are they? They are both vary small, the pebble is light and it float on the water until I pushed it down in the vail, then it sunk slowly swaying back and forth like a pebble...
  17. gold panning in red dirt? also what type of rocks are theses?

    late reply! Sorry for the latest reply ever, Life junk got in the way, yes I'd definitely love on site help =) the slate I found was from a creek/drain that has dug into the ground about 10 feet or 8 feet, or more, and it runs into a lake in Cameron park ca, there are a lot of other things I'd...
  18. Makro*New*JeoHunter*3D Dual System help?

    Ok thanks =) will do.
  19. The red dirt ground is lowering and above it riseing??? "happening by a mine"

    Better video =p still not really able to see the lower and rise, but from everything I have heard from people on here id say its a colapse and a air pocket poping up.
  20. The red dirt ground is lowering and above it riseing??? "happening by a mine"

    If I owned the property Id call someone out, the thing is my dad and mom owns it and I know my dad =p he woud not want some random people diging holes on his property and doing resurch, and yes where it is happening my dad owns the property, all make a more clear video of where the mine is...