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  1. ❎ SOLD WHITES MXT w 950Coil / 140MM Bullseye PinPointer / Travel Bag / HeadPhones & All Paperwork

    I'm sorry to all but I should've already listed this detector as sold..
  2. More storm surge = more silver at the beach!

    Great Finds Great Pics.. !
  3. ❎ SOLD WHITES MXT w 950Coil / 140MM Bullseye PinPointer / Travel Bag / HeadPhones & All Paperwork

    I have an Extremely Nice Whites MXT Detector, complete with Travel Bag: Whites 140mm BullsEye Pinpointer: Whites HeadPhones: Whites 950 Search Coil & All Instruction Manuals - $500 OBO for Everything - Everything looks Brand New and Operates the same. There is a coil cover included...
  4. Magnetic Locater

    I'm wondering if anyone uses a Magnetic Locator for Treasure Hunting Purposes? This is the machine that Underground Utility Workers use in their profession for locating utilities.. From what I've read it will pick up steel & iron but won't hit on aluminum and other metals ?? ..Really...
  5. Old Sword Found in N Carolina..

    This is a great story.. I posted the link but pls delete if not allowed.. Mother-daughter duo believes they found centuries-old pirate sword in small North Carolina town...
  6. Needing Information on WHITES MXT Tracker eSeries Detector

    Thanks for the help.. - I'm now the proud owner of the Whites MXT. I've always been a Whites fan and was sorry to see them go..
  7. Needing Information on WHITES MXT Tracker eSeries Detector

    Hello to All.. I'm being offered a Whites MXT Tracker eSeries detector w Bag, Headphones and possibly other goodies and am needing to know where I should be on the price is right theme.. - The detector is like new . Looking for your input on the detector in general and a decent price...
  8. Treasure Hunter in Trouble

    ..Please forgive if this has already been posted FORREST FENN TREASURE HUNTER DIGS HIMSELF INTO A FEDERAL SENTENCE Acting United States Attorney Bob Murray announced today that RODRICK DOW CRAYTHORN, 52, of Syracuse, Utah, was sentenced by Chief Federal District Court Judge Scott W...
  9. Flying critter wtf is it?

    an Excellent looking insect. Thanks for the pic..
  10. Planting Seeds..

    The wife and I frequent our neighborhood park almost daily. We go there to exercise the dog (chocolate lab) and enjoy the nice evening weather. Yesterday I took along my detector for its first outing .. - Our dog always attracts the young kids and this visit was no different however when the...
  11. Whites is Suspending Production! "After 70 Years Goodbye"

    I used an Eagle Spectrum and then the DFX, and enjoyed them both.. Yes it will be interesting to see where this goes with Garrett acquiring them..
  12. New Detector Possibilities

    It looks like Craigslist has helped me make up my mind and only a couple of hours ago at that. I spotted an ad for a -NIB Garrett AT Max- ..Sure enough, it's new and everything seems to be present and accounted for including the Z-Link wireless headphones.. - I guess the wait is...
  13. New Detector Possibilities

    Thanks for the Suggestions. I'll do just that and start looking at the different models.. - I had been looking into the Garrett AT line. They seem rock solid and have a good following. I'm in no real hurry and will see where the process takes me. Thanks
  14. New Detector Possibilities

    I'm enjoying reading the threads here on TN and was surprised & saddened at the White's news. My last major detector was the DFX which I should have never let go.. - Now I'm in consideration for a new machine and am hoping for suggestions. Is there a machine that will allow me to...
  15. Good Morning from Oklahoma..

    Hello to All and thanks for the Welcome.. - I live in Norman, OK which is on the southern fringe of the OKC metro and have detected on and off for awhile, mainly at the local parks. I currently own a Tesoro Silver Sabre II and am in need of a PDF operators manual for it.. - I'll soon get...