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    Hard to believe that the CTX has been out for a decade now. 10 years is a loooooong time, in the electronic technology arena. Minelab probably has a few new tricks up their sleeve that do not fit in the Manticore's price point.
  2. Charge them up!

    Hope all goes well for these people. I cant imagine enduring this, as often as they do. Prayers sent.
  3. 1825 Capped Bust

    Im courious... How deep was it after all this time? Congratulations!
  4. 1825 Capped Bust

    Nice job! Congrats!

    1. Completely new technology. 2. Uncompressed VDI scale (1 to 99) 3. 2D screen with ID map 4. Greater sensitivity (from 25 to 35) 5. Increased number of user presets. 6. More flexibility with the ferrous limits 7. Target trace 8. Greater number of audio tone choices. 9. Automatic back light...
  6. NOX 800 warranty..

    13 days! Not bad logistics, compared to other product shortages these days. In fact, very impressive. Glad you got it repaired, and hope it continues to serve you well!
  7. NOX 800 warranty..

    I can not answer your question, but as a land only hunter, my Equinox continues to amaze me! No problems here!
  8. 3030 Owners Forgotten by Minelab

    Consumers are funny. Company A puts out a great product that requires no changes, and people complain about a lack of updates. Company B puts out a product that has many faults, requires numerous firmware updates, and people believe thats great customer service, and that a company is listening...
  9. PayPal playing with peoples money.

    I use paypal almost weekly. No issues here. What I do see often, are shady sellers willing to accept paypal "friend and family", to advoid paying fees. Not a good idea for the buyer, or paypal.
  10. Molly Hatchet

    The bass player?
  11. Van Halen

    RIP Eddie.
  12. Molly Hatchet

    I enjoy the video link you provided, but its not in stereo! So here is another live video, but this time in stereo!
  13. Minelab manicure vs xp deus 2

    LOL! Did you watch the video? The measurements in post #34 is ON TOP OF THE GROUND! The musket ball is buried at an unknown depth. Your failing to comprehend that you must add the depth of the buried target, plus the measurement, for a TOTAL !
  14. Minelab manicure vs xp deus 2

    Greater than what ? The video dosent tell us the exact depth that the 3 musket balls were buried, so when you say your Deus 1 can do better, how do you know for sure? We dont know how deep the musket balls were buried, in the video. All we know is one was buried, one was buried deep, and 1 was...
  15. Poll Question...Straight Shaft or "S" shaft?

    Generally speaking... Do you prefer a metal detector with a straight shaft or a "S" shaft?
  16. Coiltek 10x5

    Do you prefer the Minelab 6" over the Coiltek 10 x 5" ?
  17. if they got $100.00 each they made a killing

    Love the patina! At the 10 minute mark in the video, a gentleman just about won the bid, and purchased a Studebaker accidently! Studebakers were a interesting part of American history. Thanks for sharing!
  18. Minelab manicure vs xp deus 2

    The French to English translation of the video above, comparing the Deus 2 to the Manticore is very telling. I watched the video a few times, and in some cases, I believe they gave the Deus 2 a slight edge. Yet the Manticore still won all 13 of the depth and seperation test. Im looking...