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  1. Another gold laden side-wheel steamer ship discovered.

    For breaking news and pics and videos of this wreck site exploration check out their web site at The photos are really great taken from the robot sub
  2. Two Markers on a Tree

    Also look close at the top mark and see if there might be a heart shape inside of it, cut a little deeper than the rest. Hard to tell in photo.
  3. Two Markers on a Tree

    Not sure if it means anything or not but the bottom symbol matches a symbol for treasure buried in box or chest, or 180 degrees, or straight down. Another reference shows it as a symbol for a mine. The top mark if it is simply a slash mark I would expect to mean distance of one vara but...
  4. Strange Marker?

    The tree is of the rough bark variety which makes it very hard even with chalking to make out what is really there. As with other signs the more you look at them the more you can read into them :) This and all of the other signs I have posted are in a gold mining area that has seen Spanish...
  5. Another tree

    Beech tree The tree is a beech tree, used frequently by Cherokee for marking everything from trails to treasures. Tree definitely dates to before 1838, but that does not necessarily mean it is a Cherokee marking ... there are a lot of others marked in this area that are definitely Cherokee but...
  6. Another tree

    Location Chris, I wish I was near a coast sometimes :) However this particular tree is south of Dahlonega and Auraria in Lumpkin County Georgia (Gold Belt)
  7. Ground Resitivity Meters

    Phil, Seems to work fine, lots to learn about various probe patterns and spacings though, recommend you get the book "Seeing Beneath the Soil" mentioned in the article. Lot more detail on survey methods in there. Woody
  8. Ground Resitivity Meters

    You can get the May issue with part 2 online for $5 at They let you download the PDF version of the mag after purchase. My friend has built the mag as well and has not been able to align the sensors at all ... can you offer any advice on alignment and the volt meter and led you...
  9. Ground Resitivity Meters

    Carl Moreland has a couple plans at and the one I built is in this magazine: April and May Issue of this year. Can build for a lot less than you can buy.
  10. Rock carving or?

    General location is North Georgia, south of Dahlonega on the Etowah River.
  11. Rock carving or?

    It's been carved but is weathered a good bit now, I have been in the eye socket. I think it is from before the Cherokee time.
  12. Rock carving or?

    Please tell me you can see the partial human face or skull in this photo of a river bluff :wink: To give you a scale the eye opening on the right is big enough for me to enter almost. Only really visible in winter at certain time of day (shadows). Seems a little much to attribute it to...
  13. And another tree

    This one appears to map some of the terrain nearby but not certain. It is on a small stream. Upstream there is a feeder cut that feeds in from the left side. Notice the sharp 90 degree angled mark near bottom center. Woody
  14. Another tree

    Here is another one that I have not been able to figure out. Any ideas? Thanks Woody
  15. Help with carved tree

    Here is a tree sign found on the Etowah river in North GA .... assumed to be Cherokee but could be other. Any ideas or interpretations would be appreciated. Forgive the quality as I did not take the original pic. Thanks Woody
  16. Strange Marker?

    While tracking some tree signs believed to be Cherokee I stumbled across what might be a marker of some kind. I am curious if anyone has any ideas what it is or what it might be telling me? What I found from a distance looked like a headstone or grave marker. A slab of rock about 2 feet tall...
  17. Deformed trees

    I have found and am familiar with various types of knee and pointer trees found in North GA and other areas. I recently found a different kind of deformed tree in connection with (near) a carved beech tree. The tree I found matches a drawing of what is labeled as a "stunted tree" in the book Cry...
  18. Ground Resitivity Meters

    I have recently built a ground resistivity meter and am in the initial testing stages. I would love to share experiences with any others here who have worked with similar devices (Accumeter, etc). My next project is a fluxgate magnetometer. WoodyGA