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  1. Chinese Coin Help!!

    Right, I found it interesting that these aren't worth anything as they're so old. Pretty cool picture of the basket! Thanks for the picture, I had no idea that's what they were used for sometimes!
  2. Chinese Coin Help!!

    thank you so much for the reply, Yang Hao! I appreciate your insight!
  3. Chinese Coin Help!!

    Hey Noah, I'm from the Madison/Geneva area actually; how about you?
  4. Chinese Coin Help!!

    Hi there! need some help on some chinese coins... found these the other day at the park... The 1st one... I think it's an emperor Chien-Lung dated between 1736-1795... not entirely sure. I find it difficult to figure these coins out and was hoping someone else had more experience... The...
  5. Sioux falls are?

    Hello all, I'm in town for a month from ohio and was looking to see if anyone wants to get out sometime and hunt or had any info as far as regulations in city parks. I couldn't find anything on the net. Ill be trying to get out as much as I can, mostly after work during the week as weather...