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  1. Crazy encounter while hunting?

    Watched me for about 5 minutes, think it liked the sound of the detector. We have a neighborhood cat that always comes running when she hears the detector.

    Silver and old My Grampa gave me a drawer full of silver coins when I was 15. Over a hundred, dimes, quarters, 50 centers and dollars. Put them in a draw in my room. Years later when I went to look they were gone. My six year old brother had found the stash and spent it all on ice cream...
  3. Has Anybody Ever Trained a Dog to Find Silver?

    Actually it could be a workable idea, intriguing for gold and silver. There is a fantastic book, What The Dog Knows, by Cat Warren, about her experience training cadaver dogs. I know her name is ironic. These dogs, trained correctly only ID human remains, they ignore live humans, dead rabbits...
  4. Paydirt, a beginners perspective

    My Vial Here is my gold after about a month of trying different paydirt bought off the internet. I included a picture of Nate, Ron, and Booger's bag because its so freakin cool! Can't say too much about the dirt, but maybe I just got a bad batch. A couple of wolfjeff's nuggets showing on...
  5. Paydirt, a beginners perspective

    Reading all the gold miners stories got me wanting to try to learn how to pan. I live in Arkansas so there is no real panning to be done as a hobby or day trip. So thought I would try paydirt bought off the internet. After trying multiple different bags I have got a couple recommendations for...
  6. CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! Lend-Lease 37MM tank shell casing found!!!

    Great story. Congratulations on the find, and your English. Your writing is probably better than mine.

    Take the Stewart-Cassiar Highway in early June up to Alaska, much nicer than the AL-CAN, which is saying a lot because that is a trip of a lifetime too. Take the jog west and stay a night in Hyder Alaska. Watch out for the black bears eating the new grass along the highway, you'll see at least...
  8. Brand spanking new fella,,

    Welcome from a fellow Arkansan. In LR. Not getting out lately, too dang hot. But going to the Texas coast next week and will try out the CTX and CZ21 in the salt for the first time. If you are on facebook, be sure to join the Metal Detecting Arkansas group, a very nice bunch of folks.
  9. Buffalo River Country Arkansas

    Hey Verde, UAMS med-school class of '89. Still in LR. We have a friend with a cabin over looking the river at Baker's Ford, near St. Joe, and we go up there a couple times a year. Its a huge temptation to take the CZ up there and sniff around the put in site at the Ford but I'm too old to go...
  10. Buffalo River Country Arkansas

    Its a National River. The Rangers catch you detecting there you are gonna have a bad day. Sorry, rotten first post.