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  1. Draped Bust Large Cent: pre-and-post hydrogen peroxide

    Looks great ! Please share the process
  2. South Africa

    Hi Glenn , Darren here, from joburg to
  3. South African Laws regarding Metal Detecting? south african forum for metal detectors, we often hunt boer war sites
  4. Plans for fluid bed sluice?

    I would imagine it messing the flow a bit?
  5. Plans for fluid bed sluice?

    Ya, i saw Astro's, very impressed with it. Thats the direction im going for
  6. Built a gold trap sluice

    I want to build one also, step by step guide if possible:laughing7:
  7. Plans for fluid bed sluice?

    I guess i meant an underflow sluice, thanks
  8. Plans for fluid bed sluice?

    Hi, does anyone have any plans for a diy fluid bed sluice or a bazooka style sluice? Thanks
  9. ✅ SOLVED 1911 coronation coin/medalion

    Awesome! Found it here in South Africa for the equivalent of $19
  10. ✅ SOLVED 1911 coronation coin/medalion

    I found this silver coin at a thrift store. Can anyone give me more information about it and its value. Thanks
  11. Got my pans today!

    NeoTokyo knows quite a bit on sniping
  12. Jewish Spin Top Toy??

    Dreidel, used for hannukah
  13. Show your best find or most interesting fnds, from novice to accomplished miner

    Neo- you are pure inspiration , wow!
  14. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks so much :) love the snuffer bottle idea! I have most of that stuff so will actually try it this week, will let you know, thanks again
  15. Thanks everyone!

    Will post soon! I have thought about it, there is exposed bedrock and a few good potential spots, just not sure what equipment to use?
  16. Thanks everyone!

    Just want to say thanks to everyone on this forum. By reading all your posts and taking note of your advice, i finally went panning at a river an hour away from me. I had done my research and knew it was one of the first places gold was found in South Africa. First pan in and i found color : D...
  17. Detector triggers on tree roots?

    Have this problem to, i still dig every signal, carefully though. Has paid off with a few coins
  18. Ace 250 Help

    Couldnt agree more! Always end up having to make the plug wider
  19. Ace 250 Help

  20. What is the best accent to have?

    South African, enough said