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  1. ❎ SOLD Silver For XP Deus 5-2

    I'm really debating this. What silver per oz price are you prepared to do? I'd definitely do it right now but I'm really debating just selling so I can get a new machine. update: i see it's marked sold now, nevermind.
  2. dyer small

    dyer small

  3. misc


  4. Last hunt finds a rare stirrup

    Here is a North Carolina one. The photo is small, but it's all I can find. You can tell it's the exact same stirrup.
  5. Last hunt finds a rare stirrup

    We found it at a site where we found confederate cavalry relics in the past. Georgia stamped on the stirrup. The R is missing beause they ran out of room, but this has been seen before on state stamped stirrups. This is only the 3rd I know of or have ever heard about, so if anyone has seen...
  6. Whites TDI SL vs MXT PRO for relics

    what about this special edition?
  7. Should I Buy an Equinox 800 - I Own a Deus

    sure...i use both, xp is better but equinox is very similar
  8. Info on the 6" coil

    I have it and I think it sucks, killed the depth.
  9. Amazing to me there are not more threads on this machine.

    it's not a high end machine anymore, everyone has moved on to Noxes and Deus's that run circles around the v3i. I'm going to take it out tomorrow though and see if I can dig some miniballs and skip some modern day shell casings.
  10. Best PinPointer ?? Which one to buy?

    I have almost all of them and I think the TRX is the best; it's deep. I don't have the newest Minelab that discriminates though.
  11. Spanish Silver and more..

    You sure that thing you call a cleaner isn't a cartridge box finial? Looks confederate.
  12. Anyone have a shell setup?

    I'm running React 1 - Silencer 0 Disc 0 2 tone freq 4 I'm trying to dig deep fragments and shells but I'm driving myself crazy digging nails and barbed wire. I can't seem to tell the difference between a 3'' bent nail or barbed wire and a 1 foot fragment. Does anyone have advice for digging...
  13. Brass found in civil war camp

    still looking for an answer.
  14. Fire department cuff button

    Well I found out I found it on the position of the 17th NY Infantry. Composed of NY City Fire Zouves, it's a vest button and not a cuff button.
  15. Fire department cuff button

    Does anyone know the time period?
  16. Fire department cuff button

    On the top reads “fire” on the bottom “department” Can’t make out the backmark looks like “bros” on it near the end.
  17. Artillery test range bolt?

    I think few on here will know what I mean by this and cannonballguy would probably know. I took pictures comparing it to a 12 lb hotchkiss
  18. 6" Coil and Nox Update

    My stock coil, I was digging small brass and miniballs about 7 inches today. I didn't get any signals or try test targets any deeper so I'm not sure.
  19. 6" Coil and Nox Update

    6" Coil and Nox Update I used the 6" today for the first time and it sucked. Max depth on a quarter is 3" in my ground, worthless
  20. Is field 2 or much for 6" COIL in Heavy Iron,, I am getting serious falseing,

    If your signals are disappearing after many sweeps it could be because auto ground tracking is turned on.