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  1. 1892 large cent

  2. Unknow button

    I found buttons with depose on them, from early 1800's
  3. 1871 h Canadian quarter

    You would think , wouldn't you!
  4. 1871 h Canadian quarter

    Kiddo nice find I can't wait get my first Vicky quarter!
  5. Unknow button

  6. Afternoon hunt

    1960 dime 1920 one cent 1934 one cent
  7. Bottle top?

    It looks like the top or bottom of a small water tight container
  8. 19th century fitchburg railroad tag

    Looks in good shape, nice find
  9. 19th century fitchburg railroad tag

    Tag your it!
  10. 1864 nova scotia half cent

    I have a 1865 Newfoundland large cent posted
  11. 1864 nova scotia half cent

    Thanks, I was pretty happy with the find and the location I was at. It's a beautiful place!
  12. Boot buckel unknow

    Great it says 1884 on it
  13. 1865 Newfoundland one cent

  14. 1864 nova scotia half cent

  15. Boot buckel unknow

    It's is 1"1/4 by 1/2"
  16. Boot buckel unknow

  17. What is it?

  18. What is it?

    I would say its in that style and or period. The stone is fairly big
  19. What is it?

    I found it on the coast line on a site that's about 1840's
  20. What is it?

    I think it's silver plate, I think the stone is a sapphire