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  1. 🥇 BANNER 1878 Contemporary counterfeit Trade dollar, San Francisco mint mark!

    Exciting find for sure. “ where there’s money there’s“larceny”
  2. As promised - Here is the revolver after 14 days of cooking

    When you sit in the car windows closed and smoke joints “ hot boxing”

    Killer find truth. 😎
  4. Digging into a mid 1800s tavern trash pit

    Beautiful glass Steve That looks like a great day digging Hh gl
  5. Nice Seated half dollar.

    Great looking coin there nice digs
  6. Benjamin Franklin's POSTRIDERS TOMBAC BUTTON!

    One of the best items I’ve seen posted The story makes sense ! Great information thank you the button is an exciting find Thanks
  7. Confederate: NC State Seal Button

    Nice digs Tom I looked it up last night too. Great find hh gl
  8. Found my first wheatie cent today!!

    Good for you! That’s a cool find too keep at it it becomes addictive And exciting to find old things
  9. Big gold nugget bracelet

    Amazing find great save
  10. Powder flask.

    Thanks for the input from all of you Again I do love collecting these items And the research that comes with learning it’s history The combination of knowledge here Makes that research easier Thanks again Charlie hh gl
  11. Powder flask.

    Hi all , got out today for a hunt Dug this item A powder flask front The one on the left I found last year The other is from yesterday Not sure of the age of either of them Any help dating them greatly appreciate Hh gl
  12. Ahhhhh , I'm not homeless.

    One day I was hunting a curb strip I was in a poorer neighborhood it’s an old area so there were old items in the ground This young boy 16-17 rides up on a bicycle And asks me what I’m doing He thought I was looking for change ( I was but not how he was thinking) He goes into his pocket...
  13. Field of 500 - Barley Stubble - Day 2 - Hammered & Roman Silver...

    I do love your hunts ! You are a legend cru! I so want to hunt there. Great finds again hh gl
  14. Got me a new ring

    Nice find
  15. Ring and a lead soldier!

    I really like those lead toys and soldiers Good finds !
  16. Sometimes even a nickel can really stand out.

    Yep it is a good looker
  17. Large coin or medallion?

    Wow that was fast thanks 😊
  18. Large coin or medallion?

    1823-31 80 Reis ( Brazil) I am stumped! I have no idea what this is It?s the size of a dollar or 8 reale holed the hole is punched Not drilledlooks to say 780 or 1780 on it There also looks like a globe Any ideas ? I?ll search once I?m home but for now I?ll ask for help ? Thanks east...
  19. 1790s buckle

    Nice piece