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  1. Botella cubano "agua carabana"

    I think that one is for me buddy!🤣😉👍🏴‍☠️
  2. Last nights swim....fresh drop !!

    How about this Last Supper medallion! 23 grams 18 carat gold with diamonds… weird that you got a last supper and another buddy got one as well… blessings all around.
  3. Bahamas Treasure find!

    First off… treasure hunting in the Bahamas is not allowed unless you have a lease from the Bahamian gov so posting this on here is probably not a wise choice. Secondly, it does look like a possible Spanish colonial flintlock pistol as far as shape, but obviously can’t be confirmed without an...
  4. The State is attempting to Pirate the Shipwreck from JWI!

    We need an audience with Ron DeSantis… I think if there was ever a time and person to look at this greedy and corrupt DHR and address this issue, it would be now and our Governor at present…
  5. Wrecking history of the Bahamas

    Whydahdiver... love to chat with you about your Port Royal experience... was that with Donny Hamilton?
  6. What Have You Ever Found WITHOUT the Detector, While Metal Detecting?

    An 18 carat gold wedding band and lots of 17th and 18th century artifacts and bottles without a detector.[emoji6]
  7. 🥇 BANNER Treasure coins...cut spanish silver, and 1659 marevedi in the same hole !!

    Great finds bro... and the date is definately 1659 on the Maravedi...
  8. Florida Beach Renourishment

    The sand is brought in from sand pits inland... not beach sand... it is full of can slaw and 99.9% of the time, nothing of a historical nature is in it... just under it... WAY under it!!
  9. 🥇 BANNER Best find 1715 era brass navigational chart dividers

    Love the type you found... I’ve seen another pair just like yours found by another beach hunter after Hurricane Jeanne in 2004. And another one from the HMS Winchester in the Keys were also the same type... so your in good company with your find! So pleased for you...
  10. 🥇 BANNER Best find 1715 era brass navigational chart dividers

    Here’s pics of mine after I conserved them... they are pictured in Marine Archaeologist Rob Westrick’s book “The Treasure of the 1715 Fleet-Search For the Queens Jewels: 300th Anniversary Edition”... Page 60
  11. 1715 FLEET Diorama...

    Thank you so much pepperj...!I have always been so blessed to pursue my passions and somehow make a living at them... art, music, law enforcement and treasure hunting... it’s been a wild ride so far and I look forward to doing more of it all God willing and now I have a little pirate to share it...
  12. 🥇 BANNER Best find 1715 era brass navigational chart dividers

    Thanks buddy... I love early navigational tools... found a similar pair in Port Royal many years back... Excellent find floridaSon... just beautiful!! Congrats!!!
  13. 🥇 BANNER Best find 1715 era brass navigational chart dividers

    BB... the pair if dividers from tracking station site were my find years ago! [emoji6]
  14. Coin

    Nicely done Magoopeter... spot on
  15. Coin

    Not a Spanish coin...
  16. Treasure Legend - Silver Bars - Florida - Bahamas

    I have heard the same tales but unfortunately don’t recall where they originated... much of it is fantasy and many stories circulate
  17. 1715 FLEET Diorama...

    No problem... I don’t really have a great deal of spare time right now to make one anyway... [emoji23]
  18. 1715 FLEET Diorama...

    Thanks so much enrada and AARC... I did my best to give the diorama some realism and depth (especially with regards to the sunrise painting in the background behind the salvage boat...) and am so pleased with how it turned out. AARC... I have made 7 shipwreck related dioramas over the years...
  19. 1715 FLEET Diorama...

    Thanks much RTR!! Glad you liked it... Besides my two dioramas in the museum and donating some artifacts and the Bernard Romans map to the museum, they have asked me to help redesign some of the older displays and we’re working in some brand ones as well...