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  1. Red Fox Stalks Bobcat This Evening

    Dont think a red fox would want to get ahold of a bobcat believe he would come out on the loosing end of things.
  2. ❎ SOLD CTX 3030

    CTX has been traded. thanks.
  3. ❎ SOLD CTX 3030

    Bought from original owner comes with 11 in coil/6 in coil, the 17 in coil in pic has been sold. Also comes with brand new battery plus old battery that still holds 3/4 charge so good for backup..wm10 module chargers, box,paperwork and even the pin pointer Kellyco sent with it when new still new...
  4. ❎ SOLD CTX 17 in coil

    selling my 17 in coil since I very seldom hunt large fields or areas big enough to use it.. 230.00 shipped lower 48..prefer USPS money order but can do paypal with 3.5 percent fee added. Can do additional pics if requested. Coil is in great shape and works fine.
  5. ♻️ TRADE CTX 3030

    withdrawn due to low interest,may repost later in spring will keep otherwise.
  6. ♻️ TRADE CTX 3030

    If I'm unable to trade the whole package I will probably just keep it.. thanks
  7. ♻️ TRADE CTX 3030

    Bought from original owner who purchased it 2012-13, comes with new screen protector, brand new battery(charged once used 2.5 hrs then fully charged again used today for 2.5 hrs) plus old battery which charges to 3/4 full and owner said he thought it would last at least 8 hrs, I used it for...
  8. NEW Simplex

    Ordered it to backup my Nox 8 or loan to friend, received it yesterday and took it out this morning for its 1st hunt. 2.5 hrs found about 50 pull tabs, chunks of aluminum,pieces of lead i believe,a big piece of chain,live 38 special round, 1 quarter,2 dimes and 12 pennies. Was hunting in...
  9. detecting fairgrounds

    1st time out with minelab 800 hunted 1st time serious with ml800 today and here is what i found in 1hr 45 minutes.Only hunted a area about 25 yds by 15 yds. From R-L 10 Dimes, 4 Quarters,11 Pennies and tab/tinfoil.Found 3 of the dimes bout 8 inches deep and 1st dig was a coin dump.
  10. detecting fairgrounds

    for you guys who have detected fairgrounds a lot what are the best areas to hit in general.. I was thinking around grandstands and concession areas.
  11. Hey

    thanks guys ml 800 just came, have it and head sets charging up might get to play with them a little tomorrow.
  12. Hey

    New member and new to md other then a short stent with a Garrett metal detector 23 yrs ago.. sitting here waiting on my ML Equinox 800 that's out for delivery(figured might a well start out with a decent one)..glad to be a member and hope to be able to contribute to the forum located in far west...