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  1. Crystal glasses

    Was told these are crystal glasses from somewhere around 1900. No markings, any way to tell who made them or figure out their value?
  2. Half a Million Cents-Breakdown

    Thanks for sharing this. Are you going to continue on to 1 million?
  3. Half Dollar Box - Strange Days, Indeed

    Somebody must have dumped a load of impaired proofs in your area.
  4. What do I do with these?

    Personally I would just dump them and move on.
  5. WooOOooW! This made me laugh my butt off.....

    You are dreaming if you think your psychological warfare has any effect on anybody. Your just wasting your time. What do you think somebody is going to do, see a marked coins and just say, oh man somebody marked this coin, I better just stop CRH and dump these silver halves back at the bank.
  6. (Another) Newbie Half Dollar Question re : Marked Coins

    Life must really stink going around with that much hatred. Your finds have not gone down because of youtube, or the internet. Apparently you are not good at math either. They made billions of clad each year and silver coins have not been produced since the 40% halves in 1970. So mathematically...
  7. (Another) Newbie Half Dollar Question re : Marked Coins

    CRH isnt some big secret people. Anybody who is into coins knows that banks have them. It's not rocket science for somebody to figure out that they can get coins from a bank and search them. If you are against youtube, then you darn well better be against this forum too because it is...
  8. (Another) Newbie Half Dollar Question re : Marked Coins

    They were removed because somebody sued TD bank because their machines short changed people. Had nothing to do with CRH. The silver is still out there, I just hate rerolling and taking coins back to the bank. I always felt bad dumping a few hundred in coins to my dump banks.
  9. (Another) Newbie Half Dollar Question re : Marked Coins

    I have been CRH for years and can care less about youtube videos. I only stopped because dumping became to tedious when TD bank got rid of their machines. I decided since my finds didnt justify the hassle I would only search cents and dump at coinstar for free getting amazon gift cards. Stopping...
  10. (Another) Newbie Half Dollar Question re : Marked Coins

    i just find it laughable that you get your panties all in a bunch about people making videos. I do know one thing though, you have no effect on people making the videos. You mine as well be yelling at a wall.
  11. To the fellow hunter in my area...

    Cool man, good luck! I stopped when I couldn't find any banks with coin machines anymore to dump at.
  12. To the fellow hunter in my area...

    What part of Maryland? I dont CRH halves anymore and have been strickly doing cents, but I am in the Howard County area.
  13. (Another) Newbie Half Dollar Question re : Marked Coins

    No kidding there were far less videos about it. But there wasn't less people who collected coins and knew about CRH. Even before youtube there were knuckle heads who dumped where they picked up and ruined things. Guess what though, you are far better off buying silver coins then CRH them. Nobody...
  14. Double Stamped 1966 Lincoln Cent

    if you are looking for value you need to check the sold listings on ebay.
  15. Dime finds and question

    Like others have said, so many people horded 2009 coinage that on 100 years, one will have an easy time finding a 2009 coin in MS condition.
  16. (Another) Newbie Half Dollar Question re : Marked Coins

    You might not have said those exact words, but you implied it. CRH is not some secret society that you belong to. Whoever told you that you need to keep CRH a secret was wrong. Just look up CRH on youtube and you will see there are thousands of videos. It hasn't been a secret since the 1800's...
  17. (Another) Newbie Half Dollar Question re : Marked Coins

    I think its funny that you think you have more of a right to CRH then any other person. CRH is a hobby and is meant to be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys the mundane task of searching through thousands of coins to find one keeper.
  18. Here's the Top Lincoln Cents to look for in rolls

    Keep up the good work CoinHelp! You just cant please some people who think the hobby should be kept secret.
  19. Quickie newbie question . . .

    Stop spreading this rumor around. The less people that know about coinstar reject hunting, the better.
  20. CoinStar Surfing Log...

    Are these finds from one coinstar or many different coinstars in your area? I found a 1952 nickel and a 43 steel penny in my local walmart yesterday. I check coinstars anytime i see one or am even close to one. I sometimes stop on my way home just to check one. I haven't made a log of my finds...